Umami Burger in Costa Mesa, California


I have never been a burger person… Ask my boyfriend – he will give you the complete low-down on how I eat a burger.

“I take the bun off to ensure the burger has been cooked properly. I pick items off the burger that I most likely won’t eat. I have about 5 bites or less than half the burger to eat. Take a few fries and dip into ranch sauce.. Bam! That’s how I eat a burger.”

For the last team lunch at my internship site, we went to this place called Umami Burger. In simple words, this burger joint has ‘Delicious Food & Unique Atmosphere.’

I ordered the manly burger which came with onions, bacon, and ‘special sauce.’

Umami Burger - The Manly Burger
Umami Burger – The Manly Burger

I enjoyed the burger, not an all-time favorite but it hit the spot to fill my appetite. I topped off my burger with a ‘Coke from Mexico’ which is a bottle Coca-Cola.

Quick Lunch - Burger & Bottled Coke
Quick Lunch – Burger & Bottled Coke

Safe to say, I still looked hella cute after eating a burger outside in the sunshine!Melissa DiVietri California