Detroit Helicopter

oh... it's coming, Detroit. that white, fluffy - coldness.. mess of slush is on its way. ❄❄ #DetroitCity
eastern market detroit

Eastern Market 2018 🎨💡

A tour into Eastern Market -street art heaven in Detroit, Michigan
melissa divietri detroit

Flew into the Homebase – 313 – Detroit, Michigan

There are no words for the memories that I am making while visiting the homestate. Detroit will always have a special place in my...
melissa divietri helicopter

Detroit View From The Sky – Chopper Ride 🚁💎

Had a life-changing experience with Magnum Helicopters of Waterford, MI - to enjoy a helicopter ride over gorgeous, downtown Detroit. The homestate! 👊💋 Detroit, Michigan ...
melissa divietri di technovideo

launch of DI Techno

Nothing that you love will come easy It is the thrill of chasing after it -- that makes everything worth it. Inspired by my roots -...
melissa divietri detroit

Detroit is always with me

If this isnt a confirmation.. pew. I moved airbnb 3x looking for where I want to live Low-key almost left this place last night because...
melissa divietri art

Art Exhibit Coming To Bali – Feb 2018

Hosting Solo Exhibit in Bali, Indonesia - Feb 2018 I will be featuring my abstract art paintings & collection of portraits by my filmmakers. Here...
melissa divietri detroit

Detroit Is Looking Real Good

If I could find another individual who loves Detroit as much as I… whew.. We would be the unstoppable power couple of the D....

Best Views In The City of Detroit

Detroit is my HQ Always will be.. Detroit is my heart, soul and community; I will come back to Detroit every few months that I can. What...
DETROIT Melissa DiVietri

I’m Addicted To Detroit Architecture

But.. honestly - who wouldn't be addicted to Detroit architecture with these views? Detroit is Growing.. Faster Than Ever In History Coney Wars -  American VS...

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