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8 Social Media Marketing To-Dos

social media marketing
Kickstart your day by incorporating a social media marketing to-do list that encourages success. Discuss what social media success means before implement a social media marketing strategy. Here is an insightful to-do list when utilizing social media marketing programs. Social Media Marketing Check-List Check Stats:...

Difficult Roads Often Lead To Beautiful Destinations🌎🖤

melissa divietri coco
I moved to South America with my dog, three bags of clothes / computers, 100 goals in mind... and no money in the bank account. I’ve never experienced so many difficulties in one short period of time to make a dream become my reality......

What are the differences between each social media platforms?

social networks
Social media is an essential marketing tool that can bring big business, brand awareness and real time communication. There are common social media platforms that users connect for professional or personal reasons. However, social media is such a constantly changing industry that it can...

Tattoos & Tacos at Deus Bali

tattoo and taco
Just living the dream of a social media strategist while blogging about my travel around the world...Did something pretty crazy. Got a free tattoo from Deus Bali!  Tacos & Tattoos My friends and I found a place in Bali that gives out free tattoos on TACO...

Life With A Disability: Sacral Agenesis

melissa divietri
My Life, as you think you may know it During high school, I was obsessed with Tupac Shakur -one of the greatest rappers and natural born leaders in my lifetime. I went to a small school in Michigan, so small that we hardly had any students...

sacral agenesis

You would think when you get older, you start to understand life a bit more. You think- the wiser you get - the more open you become. I'm still confused.. still trying to figure this thing called life out. Writing about my emotions makes...

How To Use Instagram Tool – Ink361

Instagram Tool
Actionable Instagram Insights. made easy. Access deep insights into your Instagram account. Measure your performance and benchmark against competitors. Social Media Tool For Instagram - Ink361 1. Sign Up for a FREE account with INK361.com 2. Log into your Instagram account 3. Wait a few moments for your...

Video Series Of My Daily Lifestyle – #LifeofMissyDI

melissa divietri bali
Incredibly Honored To Share The First #LifeofMissyDI Vlog I have been traveling for more than a year to different countries around the world. I've settled on this beautiful island, Bali - Indonesia The challenges of a physical disability are just turning into lessons...

My Beauty is Inspired By Audrey Hepburn

I am inspired by the woman who laid down the stones for our road of success. This next set is for an incredible woman, whom I look up too - Audrey Hepburn - one of my many role models. Did you know that she...

Snapchat Emojis

What do the different emojis mean next to screen names on Snapchat? 🌟 Gold Star — Someone has replayed this person's snaps in the past 24 hours. They must have something interesting to show. 💛 Yellow Heart — You are #1 best friends with each other. You send...

Excited about my traveling... See where I've been:

Guess It’s A Good Thing I’m Not Scared Of Heights Anymore

Guess it’s a good thing im not scared of heights anymore 😂 #gogetter #jetsetter the countdown is on, fer real, vamossssssssssssssssss! #lifeofmissydi   View this post on Instagram   Guess it’s a...

Overlooking The View Of My Apartment

Overlooking the view of my apartment -- oh yes, three art galleries in Parque Lleras; how many folks you know that can manage that? With...

Life of MissyDI


Monday Motivation

Motivation Monday

You know you are on the right track when you have no interest in looking back When you are a mover & shaker, you are...
Movement Detroit

DEMF – Movement Detroit – Guide to parties 2019

DEMF - Movement Detroit - Guide to parties 2019 https://ditechno.live/pages/movement-... check out our DETROIT SHOWCASE https://ditechno.live/pages/detroit-s...   View this post on Instagram   Life partners, best friends, loversssss... hola...

Detroit Artist Series

Most up & coming monthly venue is the Detroit Artist Series featuring local vendors, artists and musicians. It's got everything. Social Media Posting: #DetroitArtSeries 15-foot-long chalkboard wall,...


Art Studio in Detroit

These days, I've dedicated endless hours at my recently opened art studio at the Russell Industrial Center - which is a warehouse in Detroit,...
Dubai Abstract Painting
Melissa DiVietri

Mel's Blog - Start Here

I travel with a Chihuahua – Min Pin named CoCO

One thing that you should know about CoCo.. is she is sassy.. and she takes after her mother (me) Watch how she gets down in...

Deep House – Rooftop Edition – Medellin, Colombia

Don't get too close, or you might fall in love for these sounds! DJ MissyDI representing Detroit proudly as she travels abroad to SurAmerica....

I’m an Abstract Artist

I have been painting since I was five years old. My sister, Debbie, would pull out her red bookbag and lay acrylics on the...

5 Things That You Should Know About Me

  1. I am an excellent communicator; if you ever want to talk to someone; whether for business, personal or just want to chit / chat ; I set up daily / weekly chats on WhatsApp / Instagram – whichever you prefer. Send an email here.
  2. My marketing skills are out of this world – if you need a design for a logo, web or social media – I’m the one. Send an email here.
  3. Im from the States but I live in South America; I need to make rent for two countries; if you want to support me – please donate.
  4. I am very active on social media channels, you can share a message to @missydi
  5. I dont have health insurance because I exceed the amount that you can make as a disabled person, so I’m paying out of pocket for medical supplies; if you want to share my story – I made a documentary on YouTube. 

Welcome to my blog, Mel's Intuition.

I am an abstract artist, social media marketing, inspiring music DJ, and online chatter / cammer that lives abroad in Colombia. I create online marketing programs for branding on website design, social media and traditional printing. My online marketing & communication skills exceed 13 years in the business ; with development of logo design, business cards, integrated marketing programs, social media advertising, content calendars, email blasts and more.

  • If you’re interested in setting up a 1-to-1 on Zoom or Skype, please contact melissa.divietri@gmail.com – will reach back in 24 hours.
  • If you like my website & want to support, please donate $10, $20, $100 or more to keep my body moving & sharking around the world.

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