About Abstract Artist: MISSYDI

Melissa DiVietri


There’s no surprise that MISSYDI hails from Detroit; as she is deeply driven by entrepreneurship, hustle and grit. DiVietri discovered her unique psychology at a childhood age to explore self-awareness through disability-empowerment.

DiVietri has persevered fourteen surgeries; and counting to gain mobility independence with guts over fear. Her condition is a rare spinal disease, sacral agenesis; a blessing that transitioned her mobility from full-body braces into a wheelchair to walker but currently using forearm crutches.

“I’ve built calluses in my brain; the same way that I’ve built them on my hands walking with my chains. My chains are the forearm crutches that are my permanent devices to my wrists that move my body for the rest of my life. I’ve always thought that I would work my way out of them; but the reality is that body is losing more calcium and mobility will become limited the next 24 months. This is a better version of my independence; more than 80% of my network doesn’t realize that I’ve spent half my life in a vegetable state in a chair with no lower body movement. It’s a miracle that I slay like this….” – MISSYDI

melissa divietri detroitHer creative journey began at five years young; and continued as motivation to cope positively with her unique, physical differences. Her private life is heavily occupied by balancing time to treat her condition while working independently as an international novelty in the art space. She actively creates art murals, NFTs, original abstract paintings, live art-activations and live-painting with children / families and showbiz.

Art is her tool to slam confidence thru high energy that moves fast. She is actively running towards becoming the best version of a positive influence for humanity. We can get lost in things that might feel like they are important at the time and then forgot about what is really important for the mind to focus on. There is no better way to shine than a pure soul; that can be felt internally without looking at the external. ‘Your vibe attracts your tribe. Everything is a reflection of something else; and continues to be passed on thru other people. This beautiful moment allows every observer to see something different in each painting.

DiVietri is a Tedx Closing speaker on Disability Awareness, an advocate for Disability Rights and a leader / mentor and healer naturally for individuals surrounding her. She pours her energy into numbing the world for a moment, to get thru something together. Art takes time, healing takes longer.

DiVietri is the Founder of global agency, DI Techno, that creates art & music festivals focused on minorities providing “Accessibility for All.” Her latest project was called “Still Loading Detroit,” like you’re 90% there but still forming back into normal self from the world pandemic. This open air festival was hosted this past May 2021 in Downtown Detroit. The success of the event climbed 4,100 attendees with exposure on Fox 2, Channel 4, Channel 7 and cover magazine stories. She activated the City of Detroit, won the Spirit of Detroit citizens award, by releasing the first event in over a year since the pandemic started; a history-making moment to leave the right legacy for her city.

Her experience as a Festival Director extends from 14 years of advertising and marketing positions for agencies such as Google, The Garage Team Mazda, Ford Detroit, Mercedes-Benz, House of Dank, IBEW Michigan, Detroit EITC as a social media strategist or digital media consultant and beyond.

DiVietri is currently living in Miami with plans to grow internationally while instilling confidence in those following her journey, and relating back to personal connections. Contact Melissa DiVietri for commissioned art murals, abstract art paintings, or a general conversation around life & purpose.

Currently Exhibiting: 

  • Bay13 Brewery – Coral Gables, Florida
  • EPIC Kimpton Hotel – Artist Residency Program _ Miami, Florida
  • TBA – Nov 1 – Open Gallery – Overtown, Miami, Florida
spirit of detroit
spirit of detroit
spirit of detroit
melissa divietri
abstract artist melissa divietri