8 Social Media Marketing To-Dos

social media marketing

Kickstart your day by incorporating a social media marketing to-do list that encourages success. Discuss what social media success means before implement a social media marketing strategy. Here is an insightful to-do list when utilizing social media marketing programs.

Social Media Marketing Check-List

  1. Check Stats: View results on social media networks to measure performance. Track new followers, likes and fans. View what content is performing the best; top performers and such.
  2. Respond to Mentions & Replies: Listen and interact with users who are mentioning your brand. Respond to positive & negative sentiment mentions.
  3. Understand What Your Audience Is Saying About You: Utilize a social media listening tool to track brand mentions of tagged and non-tagged posts.
  4. Set Daily Goals: Measure success by setting daily goals. Goals can be impressions reached, new target audience, # of followers or top performing advertisements.
  5. Review Content Calendar: Check to ensure that you have content scheduled for the rest of the week. Incorporate trending hashtags to stay relevant with influencers.
  6. Implement Marketing Plan: Can any of your social media content be implemented in other marketing programs? Utilize all forms of marketing communications to drive visibility to your social media channels.
  7. Follow Industry News: Look to see what is happening in your industry. Retweet, share and comment on relevant information. Sharing is caring.
  8. Review Report: Send weekly or month report to track performance and set benchmarks to reach each month for improvement.

By spending a little time each on your social media presence, you will become more comfortable to add more programs to enhance your brand visibility. By reviewing these 8 to-do’s – your social media will be on the right track for successful outcomes. Learn more about enhancing your visibility with social media marketing with these 35 tips.