10 Directions For Small Businesses Using Social Media


Small business owners wear multiple hats to run their business efficiently and keep things on track so the doors remain open. Social media is a fundamental component to add an extra layer of visibility to products and services. With the right social media plan in place, there are opportunities to drive sales and increase consumers to your storefront.

Here are my 10 Social Media Directions for Small Businesses owners to really think about when developing a social media plan.

1. Write down your ideas & goals for the business
2. Establish a Social Media Marketing Plan— and use it!
3. Gather Market Research – Who’s doing it right
4. Choose The Right Social Media Channels
5. Develop Brand Consistency
6. Be Personal, Create a Voice for your company
7. Customize graphics / images that fit your brand identity
8. Put variety in your content – don’t sell too much
9. Measure your efforts with robust reporting to strive for success
10. Decide what to do differently in the next quarter – amp up your social!

Social Media for Small Business — things will get much easier once you get your feet wet. Learn more about social media for your business by viewing consulting options.