5 Elements Of A Successful Brand on Social Media

social media elements

Maintaining your social media presence can become difficult as your network grows and website momentum starts to pick up. There are many variables that fluctuate a successful social media presence for your brand. These variables remain the same no matter which industry your business is in. Let’s take a look at 5 elements of a successful brand using social media:

1. Know Your Audience:

If you know your audience to a T – I mean really know your audience, you will be able to pinpoint advertisements to captures these users at a low cost-per-click. A successful brand can determine the geo-location of their overall network, audience interests, behaviors and even which content performs the best on the different social media channels. By utilizing your audience insights, you can determine what time of day is best to post, how many times to post and what content is relevant to your network.

2. Which Networks Are Performing:

Social media marketing expands on different networks that capture specific audience interests. Not all social media channels will do the same thing. Your brand does not have to be on every social media network to be successful. Narrow down which social media networks have the best results for followers and engagement. These social media networks should yield results and motivate your social media strategist to developing engaging campaigns. It’s okay to experiment – I highly recommend it! Don’t follow the pack, be the leader.

3. Branding Consistency:

Utilize branded visuals across all social media networks to develop an experience. Users want to hop to different social media channels and recognize your brand. Consider developing the same profile image and cover image to create that audience recognition. Some examples are the brand colors, logo, framing for all images and videos.

4. Define Clear Voice For Brand:

When users come to your social media channels, they want to know they are taking to a face. Your brand voice is most important because it captures the personality behind your brand. Stay consistent when developing the tone of voice for your social media presence.

5. Measure Results Of Your Success:

Set goals that are reachable. Set aside a marketing budget for social media advertisements. Social media campaigns increase followers, drive clicks to your website, convert online users to paid customers and more. Measure your social media campaigns with social referrals to justify the return on investment. What your brand defines as success could be different for others.

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