Gypsy life is tough, baby.💄

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I’ve always wanted to be a jet setter, go-getter. My dream is to see the world and all the gems that come with it when you meet new people and learn different languages. I could pick a place on the map, anywhere in the world, and Book my ticket to go there. I’ve always known that I would be successful in life, not because my business is thriving but my will power and attitude are always moving forward. I didn’t quite understand what ‘will power’ meant until I became vulnerable with my friends and talked about it more. Everyone has the opportunity to choose their own destiny. You live your own risks and make decisions based on what you feel is ethical or responsible. I have been gambling with my life too much recently. I have been making bad decisions and business, friendships and money. I have been irresponsible with being an adult because I’ve been reckless.

Heart Broken

I’m a bit heart sick with my current situation so I’m staring down across road to decide if I should risk it all or trust in time. And went to a restaurant tonight‘s ago they had a sign that said ‘ trust that the time is right.’ Or something along those lines but the restaurant was completely catered in decor around Indonesia.

Bali Gives You Signs

I lived in Bali for over a year; visiting on & off – 6 different times. I had the most gorgeous art villa in a beautiful village by the beach. This was an incredible experience for my life.. I was on Eat, Pray – Love – MissyDI Edition – where I was playing Julia Roberts finding myself in Asia.. I actually really loved Bali – this was my safe place that I called my island of paradise. A third world country that can be 1st world in many places – no rules, all risks.. all hustle 0 but lots of beauty. Sometimes I feel like Bali is always going to follow me. Bali will always be my home and I constantly run into every week somewhere. They’ll be a memory because that such a beautiful place to grow up and find yourself.

Bali follows me to Colombia 💎😅

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Medellin, Baby.

I wrote this heart felt blog about my goals in Medellin, Colombia. I had good feedback on many people who could relate to it.. All the love on my Instagram page – thanks for the hugs & kisses everyone.

I had a special person that was supposed to be on my journey in Colombia with me. But things didn’t work out with the flight so we are still an ocean apart. Time feels still.. every hour feels like a week is growing by so quickly.

I’m stuck between us crossroad where I could be really successful in my business or I could chase after somebody that I really care about and be closer to him. I could still be successful in my business but from a distance of not traveling as often. When you’re in a relationship she learned that it’s important to compromise and follow your instincts. The retrograde really screwed me up this year, I don’t know if anyone else experienced that… The first time recorded, there were five planets orbiting the opposite way. I wrote a little blog about that.

Well I am following my gut and going to Barcelona. But I can’t arrive there sooner than Sept 27. There is so much planning that I need to go around because I’m traveling with my pet. My amazing little pup, CoCo.

Spain looks good on me, huh😍

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I’m keeping tabs on myself but I’m trying to give people their space like everybody needs in life. Sometimes it’s OK just to take a moment and escape when I met on canvas when you’re painting or creating music and producing. A moment to escape the real world is a moment that you have with yourself. You find yourself when you start imagining and making your fantasies better than your realities😍

sun kissed

Life Hits Different Now 🌈

Life hits different now 🌈 Life hits different now 🌈protecting my energy turn on notifications for my account @missydi Fan page @missydi.jpeg   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Missydi Fanpage (@missydi.jpeg)


All Types Of Wild 😜

All types of wild 😜  

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I Never Open The Same Door Twice ✌🏻

I never open the same door twice ✌🏻 @missydi   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Missydi Fanpage (@missydi.jpeg)

Being crazy +1

Being Crazy +1

Being crazy +1


Everything Is Meant To Let Go ❤️

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keep Moving

I’m Like 👍 Thnx For The Apology

I’m like 👍 thnx for the apology Carry on 😂😂 Please… keep Moving 😂😂😂  

Sunshine is so goood for you!!

I Love Dancing In The Sun For Hours ☀️ ❤️❤️ 🥴🥴

I love dancing in the sun for hours listening to just the sounds of Spanish ☀️ Sunshine is so goood for you!! So good for healing your body naturally ! So good for people with pain control or mental health; or disability or depression— it’s natural light that makes your body sweat I love dancing […]

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Until I Meet You, I Will Build My Entire Empire Around You 💙

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Soldiers Are Built For Battles 🦸‍♂️

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magic happen

My Dreams Are Never Too Far From My Reach 💙❤️

My dreams are never too far from my reach 💙❤️ My dreams are never too far from my reach 💙❤️ #motivation I stay as busy as possible 🌺💕 🌺@missydi #missydifanpageofficial   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Missydi Fanpage (@missydi.jpeg)