Left Honduras Earlier Than Expected

melissa divietri honduras

That’s just how it goes though.. I need to seek real medical attention for an infection that I collected in Guatemala but also acquired the island virus of Honduras.. absolutely awful and I mean awful. Worst pain that my body has experienced in some time.. and I have a physically disability, so what does that say about pain level? Exactly.. fucking extreme.

What is the island virus?

I’m embarrassed to even talk about it. My spontaneous, dumbass thought it would be a good idea to follow the hotel crew and eat from a ton of street vendors as well as not washing or cleaning foods properly before consuming. SO here I am.. on a plane back to the States to get some help for my bad decision that I made in the moment…

The first night was the worst… I was really freaking out about it. I could hardly move my body.. heavy, heavy; it started at 6PM – 5 hours after I ate my last meal. The virus hit me like a brick.. boom. Sick.. sick.. sick – both ends, same time. Hate my fucking life and lost about 20 pounds in 6 hours.
– Why am I shaking and freezing when its 90 degrees out?
– Why do I need a blanket but also cold shower at the same time?
– Can I treat this, or does my body have to go with the motions?

I could not keep anything down.. water, gatorade, juice, crackers… I compiled two buckets worth of vomit in one night because the toilet couldn’t keep up w me. #FuckMeAgain

I felt so weak… my bones were done, my muscles told me they hated me.. and my body was like, I’m so over what you’re doing to me.

I would walk to the hotel common area every hour to see if anyone was awake. I emailed the staff in the middle of the night about the emergency.. Every second felt like an hour with this pain, it was terrible.

I had to get out of there

I saw a doctor at a science center. The hostess from the hotel translated for me; she was a blessing – I’m serious. I couldn’t have done this without her help… especially getting there.

I was sitting in the patient room of the science center with about 5 people in front of me.. I blacked out… started crying, vomiting and hallucinating. My body was being taken over by weight, I couldn’t even hold my arms up.

I’m a strong woman, many of you already know that. For me to lose control of my body, this was a huge episode for me. Especially since I have a high tolerance to drug intake & alcohol consumption, this was something different.. this virus was kicking my ass.

My hostess lady grabbed a physician to immediately see me. It took some time to figure out what the fuck was going on. I was not able to comprehend.. face flushed, white lips and sweaty palms. I couldn’t stop getting sick, it was the worst I’ve ever felt in a long time.

Help is coming

I have the worst veins, they roll. It takes doctors multiple times to poke me to get blood… I knew it was coming. She couldn’t get a vein and I was getting nervous because this happens every time I go to the hospital. The doctors have to poke more than once.

She poked me 3 more times and with a baby needle.. we got blood. Thank goodness, literally I was starting to lose hope that I would never get better.

I was on IV drop bag for hours.. she injected pain medicine in me to make me chill the fuck out. I know, I’m such a diva but I couldn’t help this time. I was really not doing well.. and I make everyone else miserable too LOL #FuckSorry.. sorry for swearing all the time too.. It’s just in my nature to talk like this.

Day 2.. worse than the 1st

Its time to go.. I will bite the bullet and pay mad cash to get home… which is what I did. I will take on extra client projects to repay for this loss, time is money.

My client was so amazing.. straight up my hero to contact the US Embassy on my behalf.. I was basically not even able to move besides text to tell people that I am alive just barely breathing..

The hotel and US Embassy were very concerned about my health… I was too, the infection from Guatemala was getting much worse. It’s disgusting to even look at.

If I had to be sick in one country, I’m glad it was Honduras. Honduras is literally PARADISE.. beautiful sandyy beaches, quiet, relaxing… everything that I could for when I’m getting sick like crazy.

What’s Next?

Once I land, I am going straight to the emergency room at University of Michigan – top notch care. My specialist the Chief of Surgeon, Dr. John Park – we don’t play games when it comes to my health. The entire department is rooting for me, if I send a message – it’s serious matter. I took pictures of the infected areas of my body and sent them to him.. He is the only man that I could do this with.. lol that wouldn’t get grossed out. I seriously adore Dr Park for constantly saving my ass. I will be in emergency care tonight and follow up with his office early next week.

I’m not finished…

I will be in Detroit for one week and back out to Central America to finish my trip in Costa Rica. I’ve lost enough money from being denied into Brazil and rebooking to America.. I have to finish what I started, even if it kills me.. literally. Time is money and my biz is international.. so let’s make shit happen.

Until next blog..

xx Missy