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Meet MELI. — aka. Melissa DiVietri:

As a young entrepreneur, I have been living, breathing and adapting to our constantly evolving digital community. Social media networking is my Playground.Ā  I’ve established a foundation that monetizes a reputable brand across my online platforms. I began my digital footprint at age 13 years young when I programmed profile pages for Myspace; which later turned into a dual-enrolled college during high school courses for an Entrepreneurship class. When I finished high school in 2007; I was already prepared for my career as I earned a Graphic Communications Certificate and a full time graphic design job in the downtown.

Fast forward to agency life as a social media marketer at The Garage Team Mazda in LA, project manager at Google HQ, social media content curator for Pitney Bowes, social media strategist for Team Detroit – Ford, SEO & social media specialist for Democratic Campaign manager, social media listener for Comcast; yet my work experience has continued over the last 15 years as a consultant for more than 300 brands; including coworking, corporate, music labels / festivals, political campaign managers, travel agents and personal brand assistants. Please view my social media experience PDF.

My online networth understands the value of my digital media marketing programs with trusted expertise on delivering the best results for their brands. Many occasions, colleagues will inquire for consultations on marketing opportunities for their business or self-identity in social media, search engine optimization, and content marketing.

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Did You Know? I was born with a rare disease called sacral agenesis.. it limits my mobility to walk but doesn’t hurt my heart or my mindset. Check out these blogs on my disability:

You can find my online presence on multiple social media platforms with a growing network of loyal brand advocates. My client referrals are produced with organic search results, social media advertising, content marketing strategies and word of mouth referrals.

My blog, www.melissadivietri.com, surpassed 900,000 hits in the year 2013! Wow – what an accomplishment for a
twenty-something, right?

My goals are constantly growing to maintain a presenceĀ in the DetroitĀ artĀ community, Detroit techno music scene, travel blogger around the world, social media video tutorials and corporate branded networking. This may sound like a lot; – but really, those goals are hit every week with hard work and motivation. – I like to say, “get up, get dressed and get to work.” Do something that means something – don’t waste a day. I try to save secondsĀ in the day, not minutes.

Client List:

Graphic Designer – AnotherDesignCo – 2007
Digital Media Manager – Jackson Area Career Center – 2007
Search Engine Optimization – Google HQ – Ann Arbor – 2009
Project CoordinatorĀ – Jay Bale & Associates – 2009
Social Media Marketing – Petoskey Chamber of Commerce – 2013
Social Media Marketer – PeakPositions – 2012
Online Music PromotorĀ – Detroit & Chicago – 2014
Social Media Marketer – The Hair Affair – 2013 to 2015
Logo Design – Dance Marathon – 2012
Social Media Marketer – Joe DiVietri’s Hair Company – 2014 to present
Digital Media MarketingĀ – The Garage Team Mazda, Irvine, CA – 2012
Website Developer – Ferris State University – 2009 to 2014
Digital Media Print Lab Supervisor – Ferris State University – 2013 to 2014
Search Engine Optimization Consultant – Mercedes Benz – 2014 to 2015
Global Social Media Consultant – Team Detroit – 2015
Marketing Director – Galapagos Detroit – 2014 to 2015
Social Media Marketer & Website Development – PSI Medical 2014 to 2015
Social Media Marketer – Ultimate Painting – 2015
Social Media Marketer –Ā ART Battle – Toronto – 2015
Social Media Marketer –Ā Ham+Jam – 2015
Social Media Marketer – FixTechPlus – 2015
Website Development – Atamian Hair 2015
Website Development – Hayes Grinding Services 2015
Social Media Consultant – Runway2Street – 2015
Social Media Strategist – FitTemplates – 2015 to 2016
Social Media Content Manager- McGraw Hill Education – 2015 to 2016
Social Media Content Manager- UMUC Careers – 2015 to 2016
Social Media Content Manager – Allegis Global Solutions – 2015 to 2016
Website Development – WIYZIP
Digital Media Strategist – SS Digital Media Agency – 2016 to present
Social Media Strategist – BrandBarr – 2016
Social Media Strategist – Comcast – 2016
Social Media Strategist – Pitney Bowes 2016 to present
Facebook Custom Tab Developer – Spider Control Inc. – 2016
SEO / Website Development- Shorty’s Sanitary Service – 2016
Social Media / Search Consultant – DuCharme Place Apartments – 2016 to present
Social Media Consultant / Strategist – Detroit UX – 2016 to present
Social Media Strategist – Zolman’s Restoration Services – 2016 to present
Social Media Consultant – Sachse’s Construction – 2016 to present
Social Media & SEO – MUST Construction Careers – 2014 to present
Social Media Strategist – Let’s Face It By Vicki – 2015 to present
Social Media ConsultantĀ – GRAPHEXPO Conference – 2013 to present
Social Media Consultant – Crain Communications – 2016 to present
Social Media Consultant / Facebook LIVE – Autoweek – 2016
Digital Media Strategist – LEVOstoreĀ – 2016 to present

2016+ to present, please request


View featured publications that highlight my success as an entrepreneur in Detroit – Metro Times, Detroit News, Detroit Free Press and many others – jump here.
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View this link if you are interested in learning about offered “digital media services.” I create an opportunity for businesses by targeting a specific niche using strategies to find users on search engines and social media platforms. I graphically graphic visuals that compliment the brand identity but also actionable to measure who clicked, shared or commented. I am capable of building websites on Squarespace, WordPress, Shopify that are responsive for mobile, tablet and desktop. I utilize specialize social media campaigns to generate leads while growing a network of loyal followers. Each week, I host a Twitter chat on social media tips, tricks, and secrets – you can join every Monday at 8 pm by following @missydi. I offer to consult on how to grow your business or brand by recording my screen to educate how to maximize social media for their business or brand.

Education Background / Work Experience

I completed a 5-year program at Ferris State University in Graphic Media Management that specialized in advertising, marketing, communications, website development and print technology. During my college education, I maintained 3 part time jobs as a website developer for the university’s website (ferris.edu), a supervisor for our digital media print lab and a small business social media strategist for the community to take advantage of my business skills. I completely funded myĀ undergraduate degree with scholarships, student employment positions, and government assistance grants. Did you know that I saved a scholarship in Michigan by testifying at the Capitol in front of the House of Appropriations? The scholarship is for low-income students to go to school for the first two years at no cost – to be provided with the same opportunities and not be penalized from coming from a low-income family. Read more about my journeyhow I saved the scholarship and the year-long journey to save a scholarship that is still in effect since 2009!! Think about the thousands of college students who graduated with the scholarship, starting their career and turning a life around.. it feels so good!

I “officially” graduated in August 2015Ā with limited debt (just housing), this is a huge success for any student’s educational career. Oh — did I mention that I also dual-enrolled at Kendall College of Art & Design for two years — so yes, having 3 part time jobs, a full school schedule at Ferris State in Big Rapids – I was still commuting two times per week to art school to grow as an artist for 5 hour studio sessions. You can say it — total rockstar… no, I just set HIGH expectations for myself. I write down my goals and I reach them. Check out my final project at Kendall College of Art & Design.

I have to give a deeper plug for Ferris State – so here it is >Graphic Media Management is a new curriculum at Ferris State University that teaches students the future development for print technology and website development. Print Technology includes managing pre-press digital files using imposition software and producing high-quality colored prints with perfect resolution. Web Development ranges from writing code to creating visual graphics that are optimized for online publication. My specialty is social media, building different platforms for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more! I post website links, contest giveaways, curated content for each of my business clients.

While enrolled at Ferris State University, I accumulated six internships within five-years in different cities across the nation. One unforgettable experience was during my digital media internship with The Garage / Team Mazda in Costa Mesa, California. I network directly with professional leaders in entertainment and automotive industries grasping the the entire workflow for our automotive client Mazda. This internship gave me the opportunity to listen to advertisers pitch their services from online banners, data mining and video advertisements to Mazda. What a ride!

During summer 2013, I spent a summer studying International Business in Italy and France. I enrolled in two classes during this trip; Art History and Italian Business. My study abroad trip was a life-changing experience that encouraged my future career goals to continue traveling abroad.Ā I prosper to become the leading industry personnel for SocialĀ Media and continue growing my skills with continuous higher education.

AfterĀ graduating from Ferris State University, I moved to Metro Detroit to fulfill my dreams of opening a social media agency, “DI Designs Studio.” When I moved to Detroit, I still attended school but only part-time by taking one class at a time from Oakland Community College. I saved money while freelancing to open my art studio at The Russell Industrial Center. I opened the art studio in April 2015 – October 2015 – it was a fun ride! I will never forget this art studio in a warehouse. I put all my eggs in one basket to grow my business.

Let’s Stay Connected!

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