[VIDEO] Took a Tuk Tuk Up The Mountain


Yes.. and this was probably one of the highlights of my trip in Guatemala — #EpicTravel

I took this tiny scooter up the mountain on this rocky cobblestone in Antigua, Guatemala.. while attempting to hold my life together. We went a total of 6 MPH !!!! Bahahhahahaha

Iโ€™m in the back like.. bounce, bounce, bounce.. hold your phone, purse and other loose ends. Are my crutches still in the back? LOOL

For a moment, I thought we were about to roll off the damn mountain because the roads were big enough for goat trails and not scooterโ€ฆ yah.. another moment that I should have thought about more closely.

This is a more sophisticated Tuk Tuk in San Pedro..

#SanPedro was a sight to see! This boat ride was bumpy and fast.. whipping thru waves ๐ŸŒŠ #guatemala

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