How It Feels To Use Broken Crutches For Your Mobility


Well, as everyone seems to know by now — I’ve been without health insurance since December 2013! Yeah.. anxiety attack, go! I am appealing the State of Michigan & Washington DC’s decision on removing my Medicaid because of vertification of my permanent disability. Department of Human Resources has revoked my health insurance because QUOTE ” I am not pregnant, over the age of 65 years and/or have a mental incompetence ” which has NOTHING to do with being disabled. As if, twelve surgeries & the state of my physical condition isn’t enough to prove to my case workers; I am being thrown into hoops of fire to gain any resources to appeal this medical insurance decision.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 11.04.43 PM

I use pediatric forearm crutches as my form of mobility to get around independently. Before the use of these crutches, I was restricted to a walker & wheelchair.

Why Crutches?

You may wonder why I even need to use mobility devices.. well long story, very short > I host a permanent disability called sacral agenesis; which has multiple curves in my spine, my tail bone is not there, my hips do not lock into place and I cannot feel anything below my knees. My feet and my toes do not move, there is no sensation and sometimes they turn purple if I am not careful.

I wrap ribbon around my crutches to avoid this embarrassment to myself. I cannot afford to buy new crutches.

Even if I still had Medicaid, the insurance denied my claim when with a statement of necessity from my orthopedic doctor that I use these crutches on a daily basis. The insurance denied because a new pair will not be covered until 2015. My last pair was given in 2009.. it is time for a new pair, people/

I am documenting EVERYTHING that I have been going thru with the State of Michigan and our USA government. Let me say, I guarantee all of these blog posts & paper document forms that I constantly have to file; will be used in the court systems. I’m waiting for the right moment to pounce.. Working with DHS of Mecosta County takes a lot of energy out of me. I have to provide screenshots of my bank statements, full student schedule, proof of my employment, proof of my disability & much, much more!

I will tell you how-it-is without holding back.. I have been fighting for months & the case is moving at yet… a glacier pace.. Its like a turtle is wrapped around a tree trying to pull it over.. It will never budge, move or even crack – no matter how strong that turtle is; its going no where.

Metaphorically, that is how I feel about my relationship with my caseworkers. The worst part is that I will have to be transferred in May 2014 when I move counties.. UGH!