My disability suit is a blessing that feels like at times; “a curse.”

Disabled artist

My disability suit is a blessing that feels like at times; “a curse.”

Anywhere / everywhere that I go… I am trapped by the net of eyeballs that are always watching me…. With curiosity or just plain stupidity… like say something would you! 1 second is OK but 10 seconds and the elevator stare… it’s rude. 😆 To me, my body is normal but to others; they just dont get it.

just imagine the intensity of everyone always looking at you.. can you?? I joke that I’m famous without the status however, somedays I would prefer to blend in… which is obviously never going to happen in this lifetime. It’s not just one or two times for people to head turn, its people watching me ALL the time. The Detroit in me wants to go ‘all chihuahua’ and call them out… but I’ve told myself, let God deal with that. My energy needs to be on staying healthy.

I express myself thru my art, whether it’s anger, sadness, happiness, love or other. I can tell you exactly what was going through my head space when I was creating this painting. Even though it just looks like a bunch of colors thrown onto a canvas, abstract is beyond intelligence. If you have the mindset of a intellectual person, you can pick a part all of the layers of every painting of mine. My canvas is my headspace for a cure. My sobriety is so important in this part of my life because I know longer want to be ‘numb’ to who I am && all of the attention that comes with it.

I am my own reason to rise again each morning 👑 #disabilityawareness #disabledart


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