Mount agung Bali

Mount Agung Erupts In Bali

I prayed to God for a good hour this morning, talked to my parents for 30 minutes in America and...
mount agung

Not Just The Volcano Is Erupting

photo credit - Sean Nino damn girl.. that is all I can say.... is damn girl, run it.. run until you cant feel your legs......

Give Thanks –

Thanksgiving has come and gone... so quickly. I had a stressful week preparing for a social media talk in Bali --I was so out...
melissa divietri physical disability

Moved To Bali With A Physical Disability: The Challenges & Sacrifices

Incredibly Honored To Share The First #LifeofMissyDI Vlog I am risking everything to be here I have been traveling for more than a year to...
melissa divietri bali

Moved to Bali With A Physical Disability – Challenges & Triumphs

Incredibly Honored To Share The First #LifeofMissyDI Vlog I have been traveling for more than a year to different countries around the world. I've settled...

Never Been Told Story

This story hasn't been told to the public but it's time to come out with it.
melissa divietri dmss

Networkation : Bali

DMSS Conference - Networkation -- Stunning views of #Uluwatu while I spend an afternoon unwinding at @lajoyabiubiubali w/ film-maker @travelwithclay - what are some things that...
melissa divietri bali

Special Birthday Vlog – Being Announced

Announcing VLOG #2 on November 2 -- Birthday Edition. Are you excited for it? SUBSCRIBE: That moment when the buffet tells you...
melissa divietri happiness

Im Sorry That I Cant be The Person You Want Me TO Be

There are a million things running thru my mind... all the time. That is just what it is. WHich is why I love abstract art......
melissa divietri bali

Our Villa Overlooking The Volcano In Tropical Paradise – Drone Footage

Bali is one of my HQs - we have a dog, bike, villa and hustle... I'm planted in East Asia for a minute.