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Cheesing! Put on the Smiles

Story of my life... always running on empty but still looking flyyy🔝✈️🔝 Living a full life in Colombia - home is starting to feel...

Life of MissyDI

Monday is for do-ers 👑🔝✖️

Life of MissyDI

I am 100% fuKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKed tomorrow. Send good vibes, please! I'm going to have to admit myself into the hospital because of re-using medical supplies;...
melissa divietri artist

Time Lapse – Paint of Detroit Skyline

Time lapse of my painting session -- painted the skyline of Detroit. Skyline of my city xx #detroit A post shared...
melissa divietri

#LifeofMissyDI – Sept 25

This was a veryyy busy day — from the beginning to end. I was training my strategist until late late Late but also preparing...
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Smarty _ Party _ Pants – On Social Media, at least!

I crack myself sometimes... I cannot handle how much laughter and smiles that I gather from my social media channels; it makes the whole...
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Are we connected – Facebook – Go!💋💋

Staying on top of my own brand is an issue - I have so much traffic. Public Figure Page Holler at my brand - Im...
melissa divietri bali

Ready for it.. ready for anything (really)

The last time I felt this pit in my stomach was in Bali - last December... A physical pain that took over my soul...

Random Trip To Australia For Burn Festival

Repost: hopped a flight to #burningseed in Australia with friends that I met thru an online Facebook group. 6 hour flight - 8 hour...

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