Escaping to Costa Rica

melissa divietri costa rica

I had nothing but time ;

Only time to give my mind a sense of peace and relief as my soul has always been searching for happiness.

Finally an escape from the world.. just myself and the air that I am breathing. As I was screaming for a break-away.. I found myself on a plane to Costa Rica.

I would run on adventures (by myself) lol PS: Note, listen – Now that I am fully aware that you should not run around alone in places abroad; or places where no one can hear you – see you – or know you were even there; I will never do that again – so listen to me, please. Dont run off alone.
melissa divietri costa rica

I LOVE getting lost in my surroundings; letting life take over my body. Fresh air, salty beaches, smokey volcanoes, beautiful flowers, juicy fruit… I was experiencing local life abroad. It almost left like I was melting into a completely new person; someone that I never knew before. I was molding my beliefs into people that surrounded me.. learning, ;learning, learning… wow – you can’t write or read a text book on these stories.

There was no time like the present; just the focus of bringing my mind back to life. It was like a prison cell in my head; this was only two weeks after I was emergency evacuated from Honduras… my stomach was in a knot.

I carried my new travel bag, something I caught on the streets in Guatemala from a mother who strapped her children across her boobs with a scarf. I prided her.. I had empathy for this courageous act; to be on the street trying to earn dollars to the pennies. I wore my beautiful, hand made satchel with pride as I set out to the rest of Central America. I was determined to knock down all 13 countries; exploring each and every one of them.
melissa divietri costa rica

I was trapped…

in this moment of my life, where I thought I needed to do some incredible achievement to feel present with the times. I have these feelings “ohhh” too much. Which is why I keep running; my sister use to ask me “what I was always running from?” I never realized what she was saying until I looked at myself in a smokey mirror.. and asked, “why do you travel so much.”

I travel for a peace of mind.
I travel because I’m curious.
I travel to learn a new language/
I travel so I can adapt to something different.
I travel to experience.
I travel for life….
and once, I traveled for love.

I think the reason why I run so fast.. and so quickly is because I’ve only known this life. When I was living in the States; when I was attending university and working full time jobs in multiple states — I bounced cities looking for different avenues; street team here — art gallery there, agency life beyond. – Chicago, Detroit, New York; I lived in 6 zipcodes before 21 years old; that old gypsy soul…? No, I’m a dreamer, a believer, a do-er — one of those go -getters.

Maybe?? ehh but I think it’s a lil different.

I feel like Im a time traveler because I lived some beautiful life in the ancient century ruling the world…. ha! Those are my dreams. I’m that person that wants to see new things and say HI to pretty faces. My downfall is once I am settled; finally happy — I finally reach that one point of life of what I was working on for so long; I’m completely tripper again.. looking for another “project to entertain me.”

As crazy as this may sound; I should have waited at least 30 days before traveling abroad again… rested, waited and then continued on a healthy level.. but I was caught up in my only personal achievements trying to finish something that I once started.

I had to go… I was lost in the sauce of agency life… trying to earn more; the agency was on a damn GOOD one. This was my first full year as an agency owner with a full time squad underneath me; We working remotely online; I had a personal assistance, accountant.. it was everything to me. I was making dreams by providing salaries for people in developing countries. I had the power; the team ; the everything.. but I was going in circles. Around and around – until that taste in my mouth was fresh.

One more time?

I traveled Costa Rica… loved it; learned enough that my head was spinning for weeks when I returned back to civilization in USA. Everytime I travel, I am growing out of my shell.. I am becoming comfortable with how I look;; I am owning the fact that I am a different person. My eyes are changing the minds of decision makers; I am free.


melissa divietri costa rica