Happy New Year 2024

missydi artist abstract

God does things to build you 💪

I feel like I say it every year (because each year keeps getting better) but 2024 is going to be a big calling in life… there’s some epic moments that are brewing behind the scenes including school *again* next month.. and we going to the moon in time travel this quarter.

Always remain private until you know if it’s permanent and even so, nothing in life is ever permanent. Hold your successes until after they’ve come to fruition, you never know what shadows are hiding in the dark for their moment to catch you slipping.

… sorry I’ve been away, im above my nose in water with challenges in my personal world. 🎨 my first set of abstracts for 2024 are giving off the new energy vibe. Can’t wait to put this up later today.

Don’t worry about me 🩵 I found a friend group in Tampa and St Pete 🫶🏼🥹 if there’s anyone else I should link up, that’s on the same page as morals, please shout. Opening up for the right reasons this time.

missydi artist abstract

missydi artist abstract

missydi artist abstract… you can choose the pain of staying where you don’t belong or the pain of growth from letting go.