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When developing a social media marketing plan for your brand, organization, business or company; you should define a clear structure with reachable goals that can be measured. The social media plan should include an audit of your current social media profiles, how many likes / followers / fans, any insights on the target audience and screenshots of posted content that performed well. Utilize this social media audit as your starting point before deep-diving into the plan.

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When developing the social media marketing plan, keep in mind that each social network is unique with its own best practices, tone of voice and how to engage with online users. Social media is critical to every business’ marketing initiatives so utilize the following when developing a structured plan:

Social Media Marketing Plan Suggestions:

  • Build community rather than numbers
  • Use your personality speak from your brand’s perspective
  • Drive engagement by sourcing relevant social media content
  • Acquire email leads by leveraging social media engagement
  • Increase leads and engagement using social media automation
  • Nurture social leads using automated email campaigns
  • Track and score leads to show measurable ROI

Before moving into the next section of Social Media Marketing Plan, take a look at some of the screenshots of my social media data. Begin to brainstorm some ideas that you would like to incorporate (tools, goals, content, social platforms, reports). Feel free to ask which tools I am using, I can highly recommend a handful.

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social media tool

social media tool social media tool social media tool
Social Media Marketing Plan Advanced:

Looking for more advanced? Align your business and social goals with an in-depth social media marketing plan that can be carried across your company. Develop a strategy that includes employee advocacy, influencer marketing and how to develop lead generation. Answer / Implement the following into your social media marketing plan:

Discover the best times to post new content on your social media platforms

Learn what type of audience interests your brand the most, what content is most discoverable.

Use hashtag marketing to engage with a new audience demographic

Building a community of loyal fans is a process that you must work it – results don’t happen overnight. If you want to “trend” in your industry, you need to remember to stay consistent. Do not start posting one week and fall off the next week — your fans may think your business is closed. Social media is a 24 /7 OPEN sign – users are always connected to their smart phones, tablets and desktop. Delegate the responsibilities for graphic design, content curation, reporting – use your resources.

Start with a social media marketing plan that has achievable goals that you can reach and be proud of!

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