Be Strong; Better Days are Coming

melissa divietri

💢💢 Resilient 💢💢 I am unstoppable. Not because of my failures or doubts; but my willpower to keep moving despite them. Keeping swimming upstream….

Time goes by faster than I would like it, too. It’s already April; and I’m blooming so beautiful into my suit of armor… inspiring my team, dropping seeds in the right people, keeping our chins high and keeping my tears hidden behind closed doors.

These blessings on blessings on lessons to facilitate my imagination into a dream which is now an action… the last few months (and year) has been eye opening to truly showcase the types of momentum that I can orchestrate from a distance because of CULTURE.

The artists, volunteers & musicians have dedicated their passion and time to create something magical this summertime fine in Detroit. We cant wait to share when the time is right. I’m so humble; yet scared of not knowing what may happen; but fear never gets the best of me. I walk thru the shadows of darkness to get to the light even if I can only see a spec; it must be in distance.

I’ve decided that if we can get thru the next month of heavy lifting in Detroit; then we can and will overcome any project that comes at us. Without faith; we have nothing. With fear, we lose everything.

Onward & Upward, Team Detroit Ready 🔥🔥