Flying ‘First Class’ California


It was hard to say goodbye to Orange County (Irvine, California). I had a great run this summer as an intern at an advertising agency. The travel was such a stress though, trucking across the USA in two planes.

I had to wake up at 6:30am and leave around 7:30am to get to the airport and past security on time. I’m sure my readers are aware that I go through a longer process when attempting to travel. I am padded down in front of everyone and scrubbed of all my medical gear until security clearance.. Its okay though, the airport people are doing their job and I try my best to make them smile while they wait for me to go through the process.

Melissa DiVietri California
Melissa DiVietri | California

I don’t look ‘half-bad’ for lack of sleep, right? ;] I can pull of any look.. you already know this.

I grabbed Starbucks and my new book ‘Digital Leaders‘ by Eric Qualman, a MSU graduate and I was ready to fly! My first plane travel from John Wayne Airport (SNA) to Phoenix, Arizona lasted about an hour and a half. I slept the entire way.. first one on the plane and first one off the plane.. Gotta love being in Zone 1 – priority 😀

Flying back from California

For the record, I never fly United.. I cannot stand Spirit and AA has done me wrong too many times. My main plane is Delta. Unfortunately, Delta was too expensive to fly home.

I am happy I chose United; I was bumped up to first class during my second plane adventure. A man from the airline came over and said they were moving seats around and decided to pick on me.. All of a sudden, I am staring at my very first but not last “First Class” seat! It was amazing!!

United First Class
I wasn’t expecting this at all!! Thank you United Airlines!

First class had a fabulous host to serve our guests. I always had snacks or a drink by my side. I used my pillow, wrapped myself in the blanket and went back to bed. This four-hour travel was about to fly! I woke up at the two-hour mark and chatted with a few of the passengers. I think I will need to fly First Class during every expedition!