March on DC – Nov 5th


Drove over 12 hours today. I ventured at 9:45AM from Rochester Hills to Brighton, Mich. than Jackson, Mich. to drop off CoCo. I finally got on the road around 1:45PM from Jackson, Mich to Washington D.C. What is happening? We are marching to Washington DC on November 5th for a movement. This may be hard to explain, but I’ll try my best on why this means a lot to me. The government shutdown has hit my life more than you will ever know. This new law on Medicaid and Medicare isn’t going to get any better unless we make a CHANGE together.

We live united, as one. When one falls, two more rise!

Why Am I Here?

I am in Washington D.C. to protect my rights as an American. I lost my health insurance over a dozen times and switched four different times this year to a new coverage. My medical supplies have been slashed in half, and I do not receive syringes at ALL anymore. When I ask my medical supply company what the appeal process is, the customer service reps tell me there isn’t one. My medical supplies never arrive on time each month, I count on these supplies to arrive because they are my daily lifestyle for a healthy living. I use 7+ different medical necessities, which is my personal business so I will not name what they are, and when the supplies are late – I have to RE-USE these items which causes infections. I have at least 4 Urinary Tract Infections per month because the supplies go directly into my intestine and bladder and the dirty ones cause these infections. I miss school, work, sleep and sometimes; I barely want to get out of bed.

IMG_1649Why Is This Important

This movement is important because I have asked multiple times for assistance from our government. I’ve contacted Mecosta County, in which I reside for college at Ferris State University. The Capitol, in Lansing, Michigan for assistance in which I am given multiple contacts who do not respond to my emails. I’ve called the Congressman, whose assistance states their is no recommendation for what I am seeking. I am TIRED of running around in circles and not receiving answers!

My doctors have written letters of necessities for these medical supplies so I can continue living a ‘normal’ or healthy life to my advantage. The nurses at the University of Michigan have called more than 4xs to request notation that I need these items for daily living. After multiple forms of communication to the medical supply company and Medicaid/Medicare Insurance – I received a 13-page documentation from the court system in Florida that I am being requested for a court appearance to right for my syringes. The syringes cost $90+ per month, in which I am going up against a corporate medical company against myself?!!? How can I afford a lawyer, an advocate, a representative?!

How Can I Make A Difference

This is my fifth year in college, I am trying to make something of myself. I go to school, I have a job, a family and a life. I am doing my part for our country, but I am constantly being knocked down because I have medical difficulties. Jobs will not cover ‘pre-existing’ conditions. Medicaid requests paystubs per month to show I am a low-income person. Why must I continue to down myself to get coverage? I am a person, with feelings. Why is this so hard to explain to a government representative who doesn’t want to do their job right?

I am so tired of hearing that I am not going to have coverage, and their is no appeal process.

How Can You Make  A Difference?

Well guess what? I’m here, in Washington DC. and I am marching with the movement to fight for my rights! Support me, and if you do not= than you do not understand the effect the government is doing to me. This is serious business, I can’t keep fighting to live. I have been fighting my entire life.. 12 surgeries.. wheelchair to walker to crutches. I am a blessing to your life. Once you realize that you are in front of a true miracle, you will understand that I DO NOT GIVE UP!

I may be ONE person, but I have a very LOUD mouth. Mark my words, the government will change after this movement. I am confident that someone will find this blog post and listen to my story. I need help, but there is no where for me to go!