5th of November


Nov 5 March

You know… I set my mind to do something && I put 100% in everything because my drive, passion and stubborn personality combine one powerful mix!

Today was a powerful day because I marched on Washington D.C. with thousands of individuals. This is the Nov 5th March. I arrived to the White House as people sat peacefully in front of the gate and surrounding area. I never felt so much love, joy and happiness from a crowd of people I barely knew.

What is this Movement?

Nov 5 - Anonymous

This is such a touchy topic to blog about because this ‘Movement’ is best described in person – in real life. People held signs, wore masks and chanted for our rights as Americans. It is absolutely ridiculous what the government is putting me through. My healthcare, my medical supplies, my coverage – I am trying to make due with what I have – I go to college, work part time jobs and pay off my debt of rent, education and personal expenses. I work for my right as an American. I do not abuse our system because I am trying to understand the obstacles, hardships and difficulties to have a healthy lifestyle.

So I did something very courageous. I asked to speak on the mic. The crowd cheering and people pointing their cameras at me. I have never done anything like this before, it felt really good even under my anxiety. I am a brave individual whose not afraid of speaking my opinion. I came all the way out here, someone better hear my story. I hope my speech goes viral because I am so tired of waiting for someone to help me.

I made an impression on individuals who were standing up against the odds. I have a video to share about my voice, I’ll voice this video when I feel the time is right. For now, I’d like to focus on the big picture – the March on Nov 5, 2013. #MarchOnDCNov5th – This is was the Million Mask March. After I spoke, dozens of people came up to hug me. That was such a blessing.

Nov 5 - Anonymous

I’ve reached out to many important people in the government, in which I am still waiting to hear their responses. I’ve tweeted, messaged, Facebook’d and emailed anyone who I think who can help with my fight. I need medical coverage, I am dying for health insurance.. literally — hurting. #MarchOnDCNov5th My county, state and country refuse to give a direct answer. I am so frustrated with the system.. this is not a fair understanding.

We chanted, marched, cried and walked for miles. I never thought this would go so far, but we did it.

This is my time, so listen up.

Nov 5 Anonymous

This feeling, this feeling… is so hard to describe. Holding the mic that says ‘The People’s Mic’ meant the world. I stood up there with confidence and control. I felt so powerful. My voice speaks for millions of people who cannot use vocals or the courage to get out there. I sacrificed a lot to be here, school-work-life.. but you-know-what, this is a good cause.

I was making a difference, it may just be a few hundred people.. but this story was a start!


This photo says a thousand words:
+ What is she saying?
+ Why are they marching?
+ How can I learn more?

I would be more than happy to share my story with anyone who asks, so please.. ASK!

Some people were marching for different things- terrorism, the US dollar, economy and other issues. I was marching for my healthcare.

This is a story I hope to tell my children, and my children’s children because a change takes ONE voice. Once one person falls, two more rise. Even if I don’t succeed, there are two people ready to take my place when I fall. I believe in that 100%.. don’t talk about it, be about it!! We do not live in a police state.

I have a ton of photos that I would like to share with you, but here are few quick pix.

I’ve posted real-time photos on my Instagram account – please follow my account @missydi.

As I headed back to the Metro station, advertisements filled the station from the ceiling to walls to floor. These advertisements spoke on Congress agreeing on one thing – FixMedicare.org – which is exactly what I am doing here. There is not an agreement on Medicare, false advertising.

The advertisements that are blasted across the Metro Station with a statement that the two parties can come together on one thing, Medicare? This is such a joke, I can’t even believe how much money was spent on putting these ads on the floor and walls. The partial government shutdown is fighting over this law (universal healthcare). 

I understand why this is hard to see from my point of view. I have a lot of respect for people who are against my beliefs. I can’t make everyone happy but I know that I am moving toward a goal that will make me happy.

Nov 5 March

I am very tired after everything from today. I came to Washington D.C. to win, and I made an impact. I will follow up more blog posts later this week.