Storms rollin in 🌧 scary & LOUD!

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Storms rollin in 🌧 scary & LOUD!

We must be sitting in a stormy part of space as well. Everyone’s energy has been a little funky. I notice too much about the little details and the big picture.

Thanks for everyone sending their blessings over the travel health situation that I’ve been facing. It’s only when I put them on social media blast that they start responding to my emails. I never want to reach this point but as you can see from the numbers of calls that they don’t pick up or escalate to anyone that can put me in the right hands of the discrimination team.

Growth and patience need to work directly with each other and not against each other.

I feel like I can’t catch a break anywhere. And the more I speak with my family about these crazy things happening parts in my life that are not stable, I’m realizing they have massive amount of issues as well. Trying to stay positive in the dark times…everybody has their own obstacles whether they choose to face them or not.

I worry a lot about other people. I try to figure out other peoples problems which make me put mine on the back burner. It’s unfortunate that I need to be selfish all the time but realistically I don’t have another choice. My body feels like a train hits it every single day. I can walk for one block and then I’m exhausted 🚨 my energy level has gone so far down in the last six months. I didn’t realize that my disability mixed with all of this stress of Airbnb & VivaAir Airlines would be permanent trauma in my world

The people in my life are 100% angels. I have a little protectors that surround me all the time. I think that energy finally flourished because my mindset became pure & focused & driven.

These storms will pass ☔️ just try to stay positive when the weather let’s you down. Even the light tries makes its way through the darkness.


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