Japanese Food For My First Time! Wow.


Japanese Market Place, Costa Mesa CAI had a culture-shock experience last week for lunch. I felt as if I went to Japan for the afternoon…

I went to a place called Mitsuwa Marketplace in Costa Mesa, California — a few blocks from our office. The marketplace reminded me of a superstore with a food court of only Japanese food.

“An interesting atmosphere; something I have never experienced before.. I would do it again.”

I couldn’t read the signs, different smells coming from the food areas and a lot of people eating with chopsticks. I am not a professional at chopsticks (yet) so I used a fork for my food.


Mitsuwa Marketplace Costa Mesa How to order:

  • Select the desired area of food choice.
  • Tell the person behind the counter what you would like and they will give you a number.
  • Once your number is called, you can go back to the same counter and pick up your food.
  • Nom Nom Nom.. delicious Japanese food.

My dish of Soy Sauce Ramen Noodle.. nom.. A piece of pork added for extra flavor..

Best cup of Ramen I have ever tasted in my life!
Mitsuwa Marketplace Costa Mesa

I passed on the treats.. I don’t care for sweets. Although I am a sweetie ;]… More  posts to come!
Mitsuwa Marketplace Costa Mesa  Mitsuwa Marketplace Costa Mesa