California Rocks My Socks [Huntington Beach Photos]


Huntington Beach Downtown

This looks a bit
like some
:Cali Swag:

Hat, Stunna Shades,
Flower in the hair..
Yup.. Cali Style is cute sh*t. 





My Italian side came out this weekend when I went strolling around Huntington Beach looking for something to do.. I have been craving Italian food sooo bad!

I needed something that my taste buds are use to.. ya know the feeling? Italian, nom nom nom.

I found a cool spot named Luigi’s off Main Street in Downtown Huntington Beach, California. I pretended to be a rich California chik for the afternoon.. heyy.. we can all have our dreams. So, I spent well-deserved cash flow on myself for a delicious Italian meal.

Aside from being a perfect people-watching location the service was incredible, my waiter was great! He let me pick my spot.. which I changed locations twice, ya already know I need a ‘prime’ area where I can stare & narrate people’s lives.. People-Watching Expert: one of many best qualities ;]

Sangria from Luigi's in Huntington Beach

I started off with Red Sangria, although White is a favorite of mine. I wish Luigi’s had white sangria… (work on that)

Luigi’s Italian had a wide selection on the menu. You can easily chose a pasta, panini, salad etc.




I ordered a mushroom, tomato, chicken panini.. it sounded great & it most definitely hit the spot ;]

Luigi's Italian

Main Street, Huntington Beach, California
Main Street @ Huntington Beach, California



I just stomped around Huntington Beach, Cali for an entire afternoon. Loved every moment!

Huntington Beach, California
Huntington Beach, California

California is so chill.. I should recognize.. Southern California is laid-back, slow motion.. I digg it!
Huntington Beach DowntownHuntington Beach Downtown

Huntington Beach Downtown
Huntington Beach Downtown

Huntington Beach Downtown

Huntington Beach Downtown

Huntington Beach Downtown