Queen of Medellin: My 35 Favorite Things About Medellin

Sadly, my trip to Medellin is coming to a close soon... I leave for El Salvador this Saturday for two weeks to visit a...
melissa divietri el salvador

Traveling in El Salvador

16 Things To Consider When Planning A Trip To Cuba: For Americans

There are many, new restrictions in effect when traveling to Cuba from America… you must met certain requirements by the government to enter the...
melissa divietri costa rica

In The Jungle – Literally – Costa Rica

We are staying in the jungle ... near the beach in beautiful Costa Rica! Between the work / life / play / travel -- I...


I wrote a blog post on the first of the year about the word - grateful. I have been under a lot of pressure...
new york

Travel in New York

This is one of my favorite spots in the whole world... right here in beautiful New York. What do you think?
david burke kitchen

David Burke Kitchen

This quiet restaurant hit the spot for my top favorite restaurants of all time. I accidentally took the elevator to the wrong area, haha...
havana cuba

My Havana Trip.. in Instagram Posts

My adventures in beautiful Havana, Cuba through my Instagram channel. Comment - Subscribe - Love Whewww, I am finally “stable” in...
melissa divietri san salvador

My first Cigar.. and it was a premium Cuban

Cuban cigars w new amigos in San Salvador !! Table full of international friends from UK, Toronto, El Salvador, and others - that's the...
new york

Traveling To New York With A Disability

Traveling with a disability When I landed at the airport, I hit the ground running in NYC. Upon arrival into LaGuardia Airport; I hopped the...