David Burke Kitchen

david burke kitchen

This quiet restaurant hit the spot for my top favorite restaurants of all time. I accidentally took the elevator to the wrong area, haha but I made it to the outdoor arrangement to sit underneath a canopy for a late lunch. There were funky chairs with large umbrellas, a bar area and hidden areas that tucked away by big flowers and trees. The experience was unreal; it felt like a restaurant that should be near the water.

What to drink

I started with the Sangria; so good. It was a sparkling white Sangria with fruits. It was too easy to drink because it tasted delicious.

David Burke Kitchen

What to eat

I was later surprised with a beautiful cheese, meat and pickle plate from my waitress. It was a nice surprise because it was the first thing that I had all day.. and it was 3PM. I ate everything on the wooden plank, guilty.
David Burke Kitchen
There were many items on the menu that caught my eye; Salmon, Chicken Breakfast or Duck. I decided to order the Mushroom & Asparagus Pasta. The pasta arrangement was so perfect; you could tell that the chef was passionate about his food. There were wild mushrooms with rigatoni noodles mixed in this sauce. The plate is filled with so much food that I had to take leftovers home for lunch the next day! That’s a great thing.David Burke Kitchen
David Burke Kitchen

It started to rain while I was enjoying. Luckily, I selected a canopy and was in the safe zone, haha! I sipped my Sangria while the rain came down, it was a bliss moment in New York — absolutely unforgettable. You MUST try David Burke Kitchen if you make it to SoHo.

My top favorite things about David Burke Kitchen:

  • seating arrangement is SO unique
  • garden, flowers and wood theme was classy
  • loved the White Sangria & Mushroom with Asparagus Pasta
  • staff was friendly & everyone came to check on me

Wonderful afternoon for a late lunch while the rain came down to cool off the sun. #Manhattan #blogger

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David Burke Kitchen

Address: 23 Grand St, New York, NY 10013