How To Plan Your Weekend In New York City

New York City

Book your flight + hotel using Expedia, which is one of my favorite booking websites because it is easy to use and you earn points as you fly or book a reservation. I’ve been booking hotel + flight with Expedia for over two years now. Great service!


The easiest airport to fly into is LaGuardia in Queens, NY. From the airport, you will need to navigate to the taxi line for a yellow cab. I would traditionally recommend to take an UBER but these drivers are not allowed near airports or convention centers. There is a flat rate from the airport to Manhattan; plus the tip so just do it. The ride was roughly an hour because of traffic – (I flew into the airport around Noon). You cross over a bridge to a beautiful view of the city line of Manhattan. You get use to the city noise like the loud taxi, buses and busy people crossing the streets. Take in the advertisements, building architecture and people passing by.

Note: If you are traveling as a disabled patron, benefit from the services that are around you. Go to the front of the desk of the airline entrance near the ADA seating and ask for assistance. Most of the time, they will bump you closer to the front, if there are seats, so you can get on & off easily. It is best to call the ADA services at your airline beforehand to make these arrangements. I will say, it takes over an hour to reach the right person but it makes all the difference. If you do not know how to reach the ADA at your airlines, contact the booking agent or website and ask for the contact information. The flight attendants are willing to assist with your crutches, wheelchair or scooter. My flight attendants brought my scooter to the walk way on the airplane, it was so helpful. From there, the Taxi agents pulled me to the front and flagged down a Sedan to fit all of my belongings and scooter. It was roughly an hour ride to Manhattan because of traffic. Here are more tips on flying with a disability.

Where To Stay In New York

I personally researched for hours for different hotel rates in the area of Manhattan. I was looking for four things during my research:
– access to the subway system
– restaurant or deli in the hotel
– rooftop with bar or pool
– and artistic / creative culture

I narrowed my search down to SoHo; the shopping district. I found an artsy hotel called “The James Hotel New York.” There is a rooftop on the 18th floor called Jimmy at the James.

The entrance was a glass elevator with an art exhibit painted on the walls, wow! The lobby was decorated with different artistic touches from unique chairs to funky lighting arrangements. The lobby was all glass to overlook the city with complimentary coffee or wine depending on the time of the day.

james new york

My room had a view of the city line so I could watch the World Trade Center in the morning and light up in the evening. The room had heated floors with mini bars, refrigerator and luminous lighting. Each floor had its own artist curated to display their work. Check out the art that was showcased in my hotel room, you could even press a button and the artwork would lift into the ceiling displaying a glass walk in shower. I joked that I was taking a shower for all of Manhattan to see ! ;P You are going to LOVE my photos from the James Hotel.

James Hotel New York

View more about my experience at the James Hotel New York or the JIMMY at the JAMES rooftop.

27 Grand St, New York, NY 10013

Note: If you are traveling as a disabled patron, request an ADA room. ADA rooms are equipped with lower sinks, wider doorways and bars to help you into the bathroom.

What To Do In New York

There are endless opportunities happening in New York City – from business to pleasure to relaxation. I wanted to knock off many items on my bucket list while I was in New York City, so here we go on things to do:

Sunset Cruise Down The Hudson

Take a sunset cruise on the Hudson River. I paid only $19 for a 3 hour cruise on a yacht around the city, BOOK NOW. The yacht had multiple floors; one with a DJ / bar and the other for a breath taking view of the surroundings.

Sunset Cruise

Click here to view more photos & videos of my sunset cruise from Hornblower.

Helicopter Ride Around Manhattan

new york helicopter ride
How about a helicopter ride?
Yes, that’s right. I faced my fears of heights and made myself enjoy this moment. Liberty Helicopter Tours offer 15 or 20 minute rides starting at $199. It is well worth the view and you can’t beat the lifelong memories. Check out more photos / videos from this experience.


If you enjoy rooftops; there are many choices in Manhattan. I personally visited 6 rooftops while I was in the city but only reviewed 5. Top 5 Rooftop Views In New York City Of course, the JIMMY at the JAMES wasn’t just my favorite because of the pool / bar and artwork >> It was the most enjoyable experience…
– I fell asleep laying the sun relaxing for hours.
– I danced the night away during the party scene in the evening.
– And I worked on my business with a view I will surely miss.


Brunch! You MUST have brunch on Saturday or Sunday in Manhattan; it is a routine for New Yorkers. I found this Irish pub called “Woodrow’s” like Woodrow Wilson. It was a quaint pub with a long bar and seating in the back. I ordered the Egg;s Benedict and Mimosa while sitting next to locals. We enjoyed a good conversation & my bartender, Elaine, was the nicest person that I’ve met in the city. Some places require a reservation for Brunch; but Woodrow’s does not and it filled up quickly with guests.

On Sunday, you must have #brunch in #Manhattan 🍸@woodrowsnyc is exceptional, yum yum

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Comedy Club

Comedy Club
Need a good laugh? Try Dangerfields’ Comedy Club. For $15, you can enjoy 2 hours plus of a half dozen comedians. It is a not well light area with a small seating area. Drinks are minimum $20 cover per person; so expect to pay at least $60.00. Our waiter completed a tab ticket with our drinks and made circles over 15% to change to 18%, haha! Sneaky guy, that’s okay – he was working hard so we didn’t mind – just thought it was a bit tacky.

Note: I had my scooter for most of these adventures so if you cannot walk or stand long; it is best to invest in a chair or scooter.

Where To Eat In New York

David Kitchen Burke

David Burke Kitchen
For a delightful combination of food & drink; this is the hotspot! You may sit under the sun, umbrella or a canopy – you take your pic. There are flowers and trees surrounding the area to make it a relaxing meal.

Osteria Morini

Of course, as an Italian, I had to enjoy a good pasta in the city. I found Osteria by searching ** where I searched “big business deals” and “4-star or higher ratings”

I arrived to the restaurant to be seated at a reserved area called the Chef’s table. It was a glass area where you could watch the magic happen. I was delighted to enjoy a good Italian meal because it’s in my blood to love pasta!

Address: 218 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012
Phone: (212) 965-8777

I wasn’t too impressed with the pizza at Saluggi. It was promoted online as some of the best NY pizza. Maybe, I just don’t like thin crust but really the pizza was too greasy and I didn’t like it. The mozzarella was slimy and I’m surprised because mozzarella is what they are known for. I never write a bad review but save your $20 and go to another pizzeria. Sorry Saluggi. 🙁

Address: 325 Church St, New York, NY 10013

Staying Busy in New York

My experience the last week in New York has been thrilling. It is hard to believe that the trip has come and gone. I’ve kept my social media network in the loop the entire time; I thank you all for watching my different adventures. If you enjoyed this blog on How To Travel To New York; you may also like these:

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Until next time, xoxo – MissyDi