How To Budget in New York

budget new york

When you are a young professional, traveling can be difficult because of the costs. You still want to explore different things and have to sacrifice others to make it happen.

Here are some ways that you can budget while you are in New York.

Call hotel ahead

I contacted my hotel in advance to ask if there were any specials on room ratings. Since I was staying for a week; I wanted to have the best deal for the right price. The front desk arranged 20% off my total bill for the phone call. Nice.

Bring your own drinks

As tacky as that sounds; it will save you a lot in the long run. Drinks can be as expensive as $22 to $25 each restaurant. I packed a fifth and 8 pack of red bull in my checked bag. While I was packing, I felt like I was 19 again… sneaking alcohol lol. There was conveniently a fridge in my hotel room so I could store my drinks.

Take the subway, bus or train

The easiest way to get around is by flagging a taxi or booking an uber. The most logical way is to get a MetroCard and take the subway, bus or train. I purchased a $20 MetroCard from a subway station that lasted 7 days. It is roughly $2.25 for each ride so plan ahead on how much you want to roam around.

Since I had my scooter, I mostly maneuvered to close areas like the pier, restaurants and Brooklyn Bridge.

  • I took the subway everyday to get to Uptown or Brooklyn.
  • I took the train at Grand Central Station for $22 both ways to CT
  • I took Ubers as needed to get places quicker
  • and I walked if it was close to where I was going.

Uber has this service called UBER pool where it’s a flat $5 rate to ride during certain hours of Manhattan. I took advantage of Uber POOL quite a bit in the evening when I wasn’t able to drive the scooter.

Use Groupon

Use Groupon for deals on activities, boat rides, cruises, helicopter rides. I found a TON of great deals on Groupon.

Avoid places with cover

Unless your favorite DJ is in town, you can find enjoyable places to have a drink or dance without having to pay cover. I came across some places with cover between $20 to $60!

Overall, go with a budget in mind

Set aside some cash for emergencies — maybe its raining and you need a cab.. or hungry and can’t find anything reasonable. Whatever you get into, you are going to have a great time in NEW YORK!