Top 5 Best Rooftop Views In New York

Loopy Doopy

Looking for the BEST rooftops views in Manhattan!? Look no further, as I will take you high above the city to the most spectacular views of Manhattan, NEW YORK.

As warm weather comes and the sun shines longer, more activities start to flood the city as everyone plans to stay out in this good weather. Whether you’re on a date, business meeting, going solo or meeting up with long lost friends – there are many rooftops that will capture these moments.

I’m going to unveil the best outdoor rooftops from people watching to live music with dancing. I’ve rated my rooftop views based on a few requirements, here they are:

  • most spectacular view
  • tasty drinks
  • good experience
  • customer service
  • something unique to give edge
  • accessibility

These are my personal requirements* Let’s jump into the list, shall we?

#5: Bar Hugo:

Bar Hugo
Hop in a full length mirror elevator to this venue for a classy drink. The bar area was small and full of people – It was a challenge to order a drink unless you had bottle service. I wanted to see the city skyline — however I was unexpectedly disappointed by the small space with a clear glass. I waited for 10 minutes just to take a quick peak and picture! This wasn’t the rooftop that was hyped out to be online.

PROS: If you can afford bottle service, this place is for you! 😉

CONS: To be honest – I was not that impressed with this venue. We were lost using Google Maps; the pin didn’t have the right location. Every time the elevator opened – bright light would beam across the entire bar making for an awkward moment as everyone watched you enter & leave.

Address: Hotel Hugo, Rooftop, 525 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013

#4: Azul Rooftop

I couldn’t find the place at first because I was confused about the Hotel Hugo / Bar Hugo rooftop situation. This rooftop has a great view of lower Manhattan but my friends and I couldn’t get a drink so we left.

PROS: The view is the only thing that I can really say.

CONS: There was a weird smell from corner to corner.

525 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013

#3: Gallow Green

Gallow Green

The entrance to this rooftop was up a flight of stairs and instantly surrounded by greenery as you walked thru. The staff was dressed in white and greeted you from both sides of the venue. There was a section not open yet until dinner service started so all guests went to the back bar to purchase a drink. I ordered white wine as a recommendation from the bartender. So good!

The rain started to come down hard – thankfully there was a tarp that covered the entire area. Oddly enough, I sat in the one section of the entire venue where the rain leaked on my blazer. The tape ripped off from the tarp above us and I was soaked in seconds! I screamed! Waitstaff rushed to move me to a different seat – it was quite amusing but also hard not to have everyone notice me. The crowd was fun — many young people hanging out while others were on dates.

PROS: The flowers & green space was beautiful. Such a cool idea!

CONS: Awkward seating – it was hard to sit across form someone for a conversation – you were either next to them or standing beside them.

I fell in love with the green space, flowers and pots that scattered around the way. This would be the perfect venue for brunch or nice date!

Address: 542 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001

#2: Loopy Doopy

Loopy Doopy

Up the elevator in the Conrad Hotel is the Loopy Doopy rootop. This was a smaller venue with couches along the edge and a bar in the corner. The view of the Hudson River was phenomenal. I was impressed with the drink menu, its unique style of cocktails. You can order a popsicle induced with alcohol topped in a cup of Prosecco! What a fun idea – I haven’t heard of that before. More about Loopy Doopy.

PROS: The wait-staff – Michelle was my favorite waitress. She was prompt, quick on her feet and always smiling. Central to the beautiful buildings. I would take a business client for a drink here because I appreciate the views and nice hospitality. I recommend the Prosecco Popsicle Cocktails!

CONS: The stairs.. it was challenging to make it up the stairs and I wasn’t offered assistance to make it happen. I was more embarrassed when they asked if I had a text message and I said no. The rooftop was so packed that they were only sending text messages to those who RSVP’d.

I will never forget the sunset view — the sun was directly between two buildings and I watched this breath taking moment.

Address: 102 North End Ave, New York, NY 10282

#1: JIMMY at the JAMES

Jimmy at the James

Let’s start by addressing the #1 thing on my list — accessibility. This rooftop was one of the few venues with accessibility — There was an elevator directly to the top of the floor. Many of the marketing directors that I reached out to, didn’t know that I had an ADA issue but I also wasn’t going to address it.

You are truly paying for the view but it’s the best one that I’ve enjoyed thus far! The ambience and delicious cocktails are worth ever. There were people in the pool while others were dancing to the LIVE music. Classy individuals from bathing suits to business suits! There was a different mix of individuals each night. More about Jimmy at the James.

PROS: 360 views of NYC, cocktails that make you come back for more and moments that you will never forget. I really enjoyed how many people were swimming!

CONS: Getting a drink.. but if you are really nice, it won’t be an issue.

Address: 15 Thompson St, New York, NY 10013

Follow more adventures on my trip to New York on how to budget, things to do and activities to enjoy! If you have additions to add to this list, please send them!