Inside My Hobbit House of Hobbitenango, Guatemala

melissa divietri guatemala

My overnight excursion turned into one of the most unforgettable moments of my travel.
melissa divietri guatemala

Welcome To Hobbitenango

The climb to the top of the mountain was aggressive; one small cars and 4×4 truck to get to our destination. I passed farmers, who were planting crops and beautiful flowers.
melissa divietri guatemala
I later found that the path was only used for goats and people walking to the top. A few owners invested a lot of money into building a better vehicle passing for the villages and their businesses.

Almost to the top

The sight was unreal.. like out of a movie. We were at the top of the top – you could see all of the volcanos when you looked down. Houses were planted on the side of the mountain; at any point – I thought they would fall but they looked in tact.

โ€จEverything was rustic but beautifully presented.. from the flowers to tables to staff welcoming people.

The hike up the mountain was steep, literally a slant that pointed up, we picked up two hikers from the states. It was epic tho; everyone is very friendly.. always always happy and trying to hustle for a buck. parked our car, hopped in s back of a 4×4 up this mountain… full force. The houses are hanging off the mountain… magically somehow this is possible, if I tripped.. literally just roll lol it takes some really talented skills to live up here.. many are farmers too.. growing crops.. hard working individuals that I've been learning Spanish from, more like slang for my new amigos today! We watched an entire thunderstorm undersold below the mountain… the clouds were insane white… it was such a sight to see the tropical storm ๐ŸŒดI think Guatemala is slowing creeping to one of most magical places… off the beaten path, real good ๐Ÿ‘Œ #guatemala #entrepreneur

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I stayed in this little hobbit house; only two are available for overnight. The owners is building three more due to demand; as I think he should. Itโ€™s epically gorgeous from the top of the mountain.

This is the small pathway that you have to use — to get up to the top.
melissa divietri guatemala

Inside My Hobbit House

Large chimney that kept us warm throughout the night. melissa divietri guatemala

Big windows to see both volcano and top of mountain from a distance
melissa divietri guatemala

Huge bed that is directly in the center of this cute hobbit hut.
melissa divietri guatemala

How was my experience

Quite epic, exactly. I hired a tour guide from Antigua to take me to Hobbitenango for the night. Like everything in Central America, no one is ever on time.. 2 1/2 hours actually. I was bummed about that because I wanted to see the sunset and view before it got too dark; and I paid her $$$ for this experience.

We picked up two hitch-hikers on the way to the top of the mountain. These guys were from the USA so I wasn’t too worried but still.. every spontaneous lady and she is responsible for me -_-

When we arrived to the top, I enjoyed a delicious craft beer . – The BLONDE.. probably the best beer that I’ve had in this country so far! The view was incredible.. over looking the mountains, villages and volcanoes. I didn’t want to blink because I thought I would miss something magically.

melissa divietri guatemala
I was entertained by local guys from Guatemala playing cornhole; which is a game w bags that you throw into a hole to score points. But then, the people kept coming.. loads of travelers that were hiking up to the top for this view.

The next set of friends that I met were 3 younger guys from Guatemala City; they come to Hobbitenango often for the views. We chilled for a bit and then back to the hut to have fiesta.

It was real good to meet these guys; for being so young.. they were on their grind. Two of them were into CrossFit – 100% of the time, competing in competitions.. um yes hotties. And the other was in University but also working at a call center.

I was loving these dudes; teaching me so much about the customs, language, history and people of Guatemala. They are super basic but a lot of heart and soul about their country. They gave me some quick lessons on how to speak slang in Spanish and I did the same ajaj. I felt pretty cool learning some of these terms so I can re-use them on additional hotties ;]

I’m beginning to realize all the restrictions that the people have.. no credit cards, bank accounts, arranged marriages, no govt assistance, job opportunities and the list goes on. Things that I have in the palms of my head but I don’t monetize on all the opportunities.

We were pre-celebrating 4/20 ; which was absolutely epic because I was already on cloud 9 from being in the moutains. I’m telling you.. at one point; I thought that I stepped into the stars ajaja there is limited electricity & lights up here; so the stars are absolutely beautiful. We pointed out Venus.. I love people that enjoy my interests.. stars, nature, beauty.. it was epic.

melissa divietri guatemala