Getting around in Antigua, Guatemala

melissa divietri guatemala

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect about Guatemala at first ..I’ve kept an open mind and ready to learn about this country.

The Trip From El Salvador > Guatemala

I took a scary 5 hour bus ride from El Tunco, El Salvador to Antigua, Guatemala. When I say scary.. I mean frightening ajaja. The bus driver must get some kind of commission for every minute he arrives early because at one point during the drive, we passed 6 vehicles flooring it.

The scenic view was very pretty but I felt sick to my stomach in fear of dying on a bus LOL
melissa divietri guatemala

Immigration Was Interesting

Vamos! Vamos – Chicos / Chicas ajaja the bus driver was lit; I swear he was on another level of crazy… I mean, the ride was only $20.00 so yah.. that explains it. We stood in in the hot sun to show our passports to the officer for an entry ticket to Guatemala. We didn’t have to pay for a cost to collect this ticket but immigration reviewed how many days you were already in Central America – the officer wrote a note next to the stamp in my passport as you can only be in the country on tourist VISA for 90 days. Then, you must leave and come back because of the tourist VISA law.

We stopped at this little hut / gas station on the side of the road / I dont really know why and yes… it is as bad as it sounds.

My fault for thinking this was the perfect opportunity to buy a snack during our cross country trekย ajajaj. I was getting sick in minutes – which didn’t make it enjoyable for the 10 other passengers -_- shortly after, I took a nice 1 hour nap LOL so there!

melissa divietri guatemala

My Digital Nomad Set Up

High Speed Internet is still an issue in Central America; it’s pretty much nearly impossible to get high speed internet in any country that I’ve visited so far. I am doing what I can to keep my business running at normal speed – 100MPH in social media land. I found aย quiet cafe with pretty fountain, tropical flowers and semi-good coffee. I was perched for a couple hours to knock out my client projects on social media fulfillment, reporting and strategy. That;s the beauty of owning an online business, you open your laptop from anywhere and get to work right there!

I have to be motivated by surroundings or I don’t run full force. Ya feel me? This was a pretty site… and made work enjoyable.
melissa divietri guatemala

Hostel Life

This is my second hostel stay.. ever. Hostels are interesting because it can be a house, shack, small hotel.. what have you. I’ve seen many just from walking around different areas.

My first hot shower in one month… I was so excited because El Tunco only had cold shower (it was 90 degrees every day). And my shower in El Salvador didnt have a curtain on the window (so anyone could have a free mISSYDI show) -_- Getting ready to enjoy this moment and then.. I hear moaning next to me. Really? Sex in the community showers at the hostel? I mean, yes – let’s have fun and live crazy.. but you know how many people are in these 4 little showers all day long? At least 40 people. That’s gross, girlfriend. I am going to teach them the whole “stick a sock on your door” like old university days. Maybe, because I’m the only USA in the hostel; they haven’t heard this practice but it works like a charm. Just shove a sock on the door.. that means – stay out LOL I’m working ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wrapping my head around a new country

It takes time to get adjusted to new surroundings and feel comfortable. I wish that I explored more during the first few days but I was still in ‘high-anxiety’ mode from El Salvador. ajajaj Guatemala is nothing like BTW

What is the true form of Entrepreneurship?

I balance my days by dividing time between my business and myself.

In the past, I could literally work my entire life away, every minute of the day.. I use to do that to myself. I would work around the clock, make mad money and just think about stressful deadlines all the time. I would constantly bitch about client expectations, fulfillment deadlines and other bs. It took practice and a lot of breathing techniques; but I am now confident to say NO or get additional help on projects. I can’t be a one-woman show and build an international brand; without some help ;] I left a lot of brands go because I didn’t think they aligned to my vision anymore. I’m a changed woman and I don’t want to accept everything that comes across my plate.

My days are very simple… grind in the morning on email, social media monitoring, strategy, conference calls for about 6 hours straight; I’m a 9AM kinda girl. I dont wake up sooner than 9AM unless there’s a conference call. I eat my breakfast at my laptop.. then I take a mid-day break around 3PM for myself. I take 2 hours to read, write or paint… it’s more of just a breather to think about my goals and what needs to be done next. When 5PM / 6PM hits; I jump back online to get ready for my Asia clients and team in Bali. They are just now waking up and I am feeling refreshed.. that’s the beauty of balance. Taking time for yourself to regroup so you can get back on the grind and hit harder than ever.

I use my evenings 9PM – 1AM for website development or graphic design fulfillment.. any of those tedious projects that take XX hours but worth while.

I can work from anywhere…you can too!You just need

– a good attitude w a motive
– the right tools to get you where you need to be
– the right team to fulfill your goals
– the best cliental to make your life so happy