All is Good – People, Stop Worrying

melissa divietri guatemala

I haven’t made any of this information public, other than to my parents. I ran out of medical supplies 30 days sooner than expected from using more due to heat, dehydration, party whatever. This is the first time in 8 years that i’ve been this sick.. I was considering to fly home to get real treatment from a specialist because the pain was so bad. Like my appendix exploded e-coli, UTI and cramps at the same time.

I scrambled to find a company that would ship to Guatemala but it didn’t exist. There isnt a real mail or shipping center in Guatemala. Something happened in 2016 – no mail is delivered unless it’s a private company.

So I put my feelers out to find a private shipping company, thank you to SB Guyon on her research. I shipped medical supplies overnight for $$$$ to my parents whom shipped to Guatemala for $$$ too. The package was held up in customs for an extra day..

I was getting sicker by the hour by re-using supplies over and over without any real antibiotics. After going to 4 different pharmacies, I still couldn’t find any way to clean my supplies properly.

It’s day 10 without clean supplies; and the supplies have arrived in Antigua, but they’re saying that it will take another day to get to me because I wasn’t at the hostel when they came.
I don’t speak Spanish well but I explained to the staff at the hostel that it’s a necessity for medical supplies. My hostess got on the phone with the shipping company and was able to get the supplies to my hostel in less than an hour. My hostel also accommodated to find extra crutch tips as I’m blowing thru them on these cobblestone roads. Like wow. People are so incredibly helpful here.

I am blessed to have resources that can help me in my time of need. It only takes body language, patience, eye contract and understanding to make it happen.

I’ve been keeping VERY calm and waiting for everything to work itself out. Others would freak out and panic from reusing supplies, getting an infection – the worst that I’ve ever had actually, not feeling well the last few days. I almost flew home just to go to a real hospital. But I knew that what is happening to me is out of my control and I’m meant to be here for a reason. I stopped thinking about it – and focused on travel & remote work.

Thanks to my mom and dad for going extra mile to ship my medical supplies out here ❤️ it’s not fair that I have to rely on them to live but God has a plan for me. And I proved to myself that I don’t need to be in the USA system to get help, insurance what have u. They wouldn’t help anyway, that’s another story.

I am 100% self made, paying for everything out of pocket and blessed to have family make moves to get things going for me. 🙏🏻 it will take a few days to get rid of infection but my hostel has been amazing by providing teas with natural flowers / spices to comfort the stomach and back pain. I will not go back to pain killers to numb this feeling; gotta bust it out.

**For those who may have thought I was out of office, ignoring you, out of touch or just blowing off.. naw _ I was just trying to get my life taken care of <3 That's life - tomorrow is a new day.**