Monday, March 30, 2020
Beverly Hills

5 Favorite Memories From California

I took an impromptu trip to California because it's been years since I've lived in Irvine. One night, I got online to Expedia.com and...
melissa divietri el salvador

[Video] My Experience in El Salvador

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jet setter

jet setter ✈

whewww.. 8 flights this month. it's going to be a heavy travel. visiting my rents in the States, going to Carnival on the coast,...
melissa divietri colombia

Arrival in Medellin, Colombia

As a young entrepreneur growing in the constant evolving digital community, I established a foundation that monetizes a reputable brand across my network. My...
new york helicopter ride

New York City Helicopter Ride

Wow! A ride on a helicopter in New York City is the craziest adventure that I've had so far in Manhattan... and believe, me...
melissa divietri

Starts with the source, you.

Starts with the source, yourself. The one person that you need to take care of always ;is your body. You are useless if you...

Not The Average Solo Traveler

Im stubborn.. Im crazy as f*kk.. Im hardcore. But ya know, I wouldn’t change my personality for the world. You could never live in my...

My Art Showcase in Bali, Indonesia

My art space in Bali, Indonesia -- Have some of the greatest photos & moments when this hold thing went down. I...
Miami music week

Dancing Days during Miami Music Week

Dancing Days during Miami Music Week Throwback to the sunny days and long days of dancing during #miamimusicweek with my Florida crew ❣️- dem bans...
melissa divietri el salvador

Traveling in El Salvador

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