melissa divietri techno

Work – Play – Work – Play > Colombia

I dont say it unless I mean it -- Medellin has always been my favorite city - followed by Bali & Detroit. It is...
cartagena Colombia in Photos

Cartagena, Colombia in Photos 2019

A trip to Cartagena, Colombia to develop new business relationships in the techno scene. Follow my travel on Instagram @missydi to see the partnerships. #doyoutravel ✈️ A...
havana cuba

Havana Is Like Time-Travel

From the old classic cars to the outdated infrastructure and cobblestone walkways... I felt like I was stepping into a reality that existed 50...

Not The Average Solo Traveler

Im stubborn.. Im crazy as f*kk.. Im hardcore. But ya know, I wouldn’t change my personality for the world. You could never live in my...
GLOWING under the sunshine

GLOWING under the sunshine

I have a documentary that will be published soon.. I was waiting until after Movement festival.. to announce the information. The documentary is on...
tattoo and taco

Tattoos & Tacos at Deus Bali

Just living the dream of a social media strategist while blogging about my travel around the world...Did something pretty crazy. Got a free tattoo...
melissa divietri cuba

My heart is in Havana, Cubano

Words cannot express how stressed my mind, body, soul and spirit were before arriving into Cuba.. it was like an earthquake shook my body...
new york

Travel in New York

This is one of my favorite spots in the whole world... right here in beautiful New York. What do you think?
melissa divietri detroit

VLOG 1 – June 7 – Remote Working Detroit

VLOG 1 - June 7 - Remote Working Detroit Remote working in the city is always an adventure.. finding wifi and decent coffee lol...

Dojo Bali Feature On Being A Digital Nomad

What it means to be a digital nomad at Dojo Bali Dojo Bali is a community of coworkers located in the heart of Canggu. There...

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