DETROIT Melissa DiVietri

I’m Addicted To Detroit Architecture

But.. honestly - who wouldn't be addicted to Detroit architecture with these views? Detroit is Growing.. Faster Than Ever In History Coney Wars -  American VS...
crazy girl

Living life on the edge

Living life on the edge- I’d rather be crazy than content

Finding cute boots is the hardest for little disabled women

Finding cute boots is the hardest for little disabled women - accessories dress it up! #disabled
Central Park

Using A Scooter To Enjoy Central Park

Using a scooter to enjoy Central Park, New York.

Estoy muy ocupada 😵‍💫

Estoy muy ocupada 😵‍💫 View this post on Instagram ...
melissa divietri cuba

My heart is in Havana, Cubano

Words cannot express how stressed my mind, body, soul and spirit were before arriving into Cuba.. it was like an earthquake shook my body...
melissa divietri cartagena

Cartagena [In Photos]

melissa divietri seminyak

What A Music Festival Taught Me About Letting Loose

Many of you already know that I'm heavily involved in the music scene from planning stages to live posting on social media networks..I will...
Back to America

Back to America

I am very lucky to wake up every morning with a view like this. I never thought I was gonna come back to America,...
melissa divietri detroit

Detroit is always with me

If this isnt a confirmation.. pew. I moved airbnb 3x looking for where I want to live Low-key almost left this place last night because...

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