melissa divietri guatemala

All is Good – People, Stop Worrying

I haven't made any of this information public, other than to my parents. I ran out of medical supplies 30 days sooner than...
Helly ride

Helicopter ride Detroit 🚁🚁

β€œThe world makes way for the man who knows where he is going.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Follow my main Instagram profileΒ @missydi 😍☺😘   View this post on...
Melissa divietri medellin

[VIDEO] Freedom Music Festival – Medellin, Colombia

Photo Credit For Images Below: Medellin Style - Freedom Credit .. me
tattoo and taco

Tattoos & Tacos at Deus Bali

Just living the dream of a social media strategist while blogging about my travel around the world...Did something pretty crazy. Got a free tattoo...
melissa divietri cartagena

Cartagena [In Photos]

Making Moves in Bogota

Making Moves in Bogota, Colombia

Making Moves in Bogota, Colombia As always, I think my life moves faster than most -- because I plant seeds and make announcements. Follow my...
Loopy Doopy

Top 5 Best Rooftop Views In New York

Looking for the BEST rooftops views in Manhattan!? Look no further, as I will take you high above the city to the most spectacular...
melissa divietri bali

Defining The Odds As A Traveling Disabled Person

Ever want a chance to be far away from everyone or everything - just to collect your thoughts and realize your worth? Do others...
detroit yacht club

Consider These Moments Golden

Yes, yet another 3AM blog post -- I think best when I'm about to fall asleep and I over analyze everything! I am just...

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