Best Views In The City of Detroit


Detroit is my HQ

Always will be.. Detroit is my heart, soul and community; I will come back to Detroit every few months that I can.

What is it about Detroit? I walk around the city on a daily basis; actually most people think I’m running because I crutch so fast. I have places to get too – so we gotta keep a move on (and the weather was cold today so mush).The people walking the streets are incredible (and many good looking.. whew so happy that I am on this single thing). I am literally on the prowl saying hello to everyone who looks interesting… you will never get a mixture of residents like this in Detroit. Such an exciting time to be in Detroit, Michigan!
melissa divietri detroit

Isn’t this architecture .. make you feel so good!? I am in love with the LARGE windows; it reminds me of the city loft style’ I’m sure they have the original restoration inside too.

melissa divietri detroitmelissa divietri detroitmelissa divietri detroit

Let me tell you about my obsession with The Book Tower Building.. Dan Gilbert purchased it for $30 million dollars last year; however I’ve had my eyes on it for years. The beautiful exterior complimented by gargoyles on many levels of the tiers. A large angel with wings greets you at the front entrance.. Honestly, this is “ME” in the form of a Detroit building.

melissa divietri detroitmelissa divietri detroit

This is a top 3 view of places to stand in Detroit. This image below captures everything that I love about the city.. from the gated fences to construction.. to the levels of building that show life.. and not to mention this artwork! I think the steam tops off the image the best as it looks like the clouds are forming around just to capture this moment for me to remember forever.

melissa divietri detroit

And obviously it was the most precise moment for me to snap a selfie.. “hey girl, hey!”

melissa divietri detroit