I’m Addicted To Detroit Architecture

DETROIT Melissa DiVietri

But.. honestly – who wouldn’t be addicted to Detroit architecture with these views?

Detroit is Growing.. Faster Than Ever In History

melissa divietri detroit

Coney Wars –  American VS Lafayette… I personally love American Coneys better – they have great customer service there <3
melissa divietri detroit

Perfectly placed flower bed with outside decor to add extra feels.. I really tried to capture more of the city in the reflector ball.

melissa divietri detroit

My personal light show.. or what I like to call it. ^-^ These Blues.. I would fall asleep to this view .. water, sculptures, elevators moving, lights flashing.. This is inside Campus Martius old Compuware Building – houses Quicken Loans, Calexico, FedEx, Hard Rock Cafe etc.

melissa divietri detroit1001 Woodward.. I just like the way this sounds, don’t you?
melissa divietri detroit

Now this one (on the right) is very new.. like fressssh – not sure if anyone is inside yet.

melissa divietri detroit

Close – Up — These windows tho!

melissa divietri detroit

I am absolutely in love with these shapes and corners. melissa divietri detroit

My Beautiful City <3

melissa divietri detroitmelissa divietri detroitmelissa divietri detroitdmelissa divietri detroit

Greektown, Detroit full of shopping, restaurants and entertainment. #Detroit

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The Sun Has Been Shining; Go Explore Detroit

With the Autorama weekend finishing up; a month of the LION KING at the Detroit Opera House and the Tattoo Expo coming up next weekend.. you can’t say you don’t know what’s going on in Detroit.

Put yourself out there

– go for a walk
– ride the people mover
– enjoy a coney
– sit at the park

^^ your shorthand check list of doing “something” in Detroit ^^