Can’t Touch This – Detroit

melissa divietri detroit

Everyday.. I wake up with an attitude that I am ready and willing to make a difference. I have daily goals and deadlines that I set to reach before I lay my head down on the pillow.

I can open my laptop from any destination in the world .. and get on the damn grind, baby.
melissa divietri detroit

The Real Detroit Is Getting Out There To See IT For Yourself


Busy… Busy Bee.. Getting Around The City

My heart is in this city… Detroit has so much of my time, energy and confidence. I built an empire in this city — how many individuals can you say.. have that status at this age? Not many, self-made at least.

I’ve laid down the ground work.. now I’m polishing the final touches of my brand as I connect it with Detroit.

I sat in the window at MGM Casino to capture the sun rise of Detroit. You can see my favorite building, THE BOOK TOWER, in the center of this video. How incredible.. not a bad view for 7am.

When I travel around the world..when I say that I am from Detroit, people immediately compare this city to a place that they have been. However, when you visit Detroit – you probably go to the more “tourist / common areas” and not really experience the hidden gems (techno, Belle Isle, venues) etc.

Detroit is not Brooklyn
Detroit is not Los Angeles
Detroit is not Paris
Detroit is not what you think it is.. so please stop comparing it. Detroit is authentic. Motor City grind – this is where it started. Did You Know – Detroit was the auto manufacturing capital in the world? WHy do you think they call us MOTOR CITY – cars.. hello. Seriously, I have to spell it out for people lolz

melissa divietri detroit

I have that grimey, sassy attitude that you can only get from being an original Detroiter. I don’t take people’s shit, I’m blunt when necessary and I refuse to let the media portray the negative “ghost houses / abandoned house porn” that everyone seems to be attracted too.

I will show you the beauty and the ugly.. Not everything is going to be glamorized – you need to accept the good with the bad.

This is a view from my friend’s studio apartment in Lafayette Park.. you can see “Eastern Market” so much potential for growth and opportunity <3 melissa divietri eastern market

If I could find someone who LOVES me as much as I LOVE Detroit

It would be game fuking over
I am familiar with every inch of this city…from the slums to the serious.
When I take UBER – the GPS immediately wants you to get lost on the 4 or 5 highways that intersect right here, it’s annoying as fuukkk. Like — take the damn city road that goes parallel to our destination, Google! I’m always the person that is directing the uber driver on where to go. I refuse to be on the highway at 2 / 3AM when I know it’s safer to take the more common city roads.

Enjoy these other images that I captured using my iPhone 7S Plus .. what do you think?

Are you also falling in love with the D

melissa divietri detroitmelissa divietri detroitmelissa divietri detroitmelissa divietri detroitmelissa divietri detroitmelissa divietri detroitmelissa divietri detroit