Final Days In The D

melissa divietri detroit

The countdown is down to single digits; my trip to Colombia is very much up in the air… spontaneous doesn’t even describe how unprepared I am haha Live in the moment, always. I will figure it out when I land.

I am going to miss this incredible view of Detroit’s cityscape… oh it’s absolutely inspiring to listen to the city noises and stare at the architecture. I always snap my car (this beautiful blue one in the image below) in photos of Detroit.. haha I don’t know why, but it’s like a photoshoot for my baby.
melissa divietri detroit

Detroit is on fire right now, it’s HOT! — Restaurants, real estate, movies, celebs.. all of it, everyone wants a piece of the D!

melissa divietri detroitmelissa divietri detroitmelissa divietri detroitmelissa divietri detroit

One of my closest friends – Len, and I get together at least once a week to walk around Detroit together. I walk around Detroit on a daily basis.. I will literally park 6  or 7 blocks away from whatever building I am supposed to be in.. just so I can soak up the views. We visit with business owners, tour different buildings and just walk around to be inspired by all the action.

When Len and I get together (usually Wednesdays) we visit with business owners, tour different buildings and just walk around to be inspired by all the action.

  • Dan Gilbert recently launched the Hudson Building Project – which will become the tallest building in Detroit.
  • Shack Shake – burger joint based primarily in NYC, recently opened in downtown D. The line for the public was wrapped around the building
  • Mark Wahlberg (my husband) was in Detroit visiting Wahlburgers on Wednesday
  • The BOOK TOWER building, my favorite building in the WORLD, was being power washed this week… which means!! IT”S COMING ALIVE again.

I mean this list goes on & on… I am so “IN TUNE” with the city of Detroit; I could give tours to anyone who wants to learn about the history and authenticity of Detroit, MICHIGAN.


melissa divietri detroit

This building in the back with the famous whales.. is called the Broderick Towers. The first 5 floors are commercial and the remaining up are residential units with a year plus waiting list. They aren’t even accepting individuals to be on the wait list. The top floor -pent house is going for $6,000 monthly in Detroit; which is over priced but someone is clearly paying it. Anywho – Broderick Towers is where my social media agency was housed last year; I recently closed this physical office so that I could travel internationally while working remotely. #Blessed

melissa divietri detroit


Detroit 💙💋❤️

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When you're in love w architecture #Detroit

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