Teaser: Photo Shoot in Detroit

melissa divietri detroit

I have focused more on my brand today.. than I’ve ever had in my entire life. Brands want to work w me because I present myself so well – on the internet.

I have been developing content to create a documentary of myself in Detroit. I think people would really love my point of view because I’m so versatile.. I work extremely hard; have incredible clients, get my techno party fix until 4am and manage to stay motivated on a daily basis.

I can’t wait to share these images with everyone – but for now, you will have to peep them on my Instagram until I collectively edit the photos / videos. I hope to have this documentary published while I am in Colombia in March. I tend to do that.. work on multiple projects at once.. should be a good turn out ;] Motivation.

melissa divietri detroit

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Art is love. Name this building in #Detroit

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