The Dirty Show – Detroit

melissa divietri dirty show

Well.. just as the title says.. The DIRTY SHOW – an erotic, sexy, art and performance show. This was the 18th year – hosted at the Russell Industrial Center; my old stomping grounds, a warehouse in Detroit, MI.

@dirtyshowdetroit #dirtyshow got pretty dirty this weekend 😂😂

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I didn’t know what to expect when attending – the show sold out the first weekend so I had to get tickets for the very last day. I was ‘seeing’ one of the co-founders of the Dirty Show, which prompted me to want to try this “scene” out.

I got dressed to the NINE for this event .. I mean hotness on every part of my body. I never dress like this.. but when I “try” something new to get to know someone better; I will make a lasting impression.

So what happened there?

I don’t really know! hahah We stayed for 2 hours before going back to the city.

From sexual performances to spankings.. literally. I wasn’t sure where to look lol I had my trusty sidekicks w me to experience this epic art show while I danced around trying to get this guy’s attention all night.. Ugh, I was like 100% attracted to his management skills to pull this event off.. absolutely incredible, from tying people up, to strippers to sexual art to painted body parts.. I was like “damn, this is impression, people came from different parts of the world for this.” absolutely freaky 😛 I LOVED IT. However, since we was apart of the whole thing, I maybe got 0:20 – 0:30 sec of him each time. He did try tho.. which I give him a gold star for ;] I about knocked his ass out tho.. he came up behind me, grabbed my waist, kissed me on the cheek and ran out the door to get business cards. I was like.. who the fukk just touched me LOLz

At least he hooked it up with VIP passes so I could be a brat and people watch .. loveddd it.

melissa divietri dirty showmelissa divietri dirty showmelissa divietri dirty showmelissa divietri dirty showmelissa divietri dirty show

Until next year 😉 Maybe I’ll participate in one of the shows bahahah