Wine Tasting in Tuscana


Our study abroad group traveled by bus to a vineyard in Tuscana for a premium wine tasting tour held exclusively on a villa name Magiacane. Our tour guide walked our group across the grape vineyards to deliver a personable wine experience. I enjoyed the beautiful rose bushes that were planted at the end of each grape line. The rose bushes had a purpose for their beauty as well as if bacteria or bugs were going to attack the grapes that season. There are certain harvest times to pick the grapes. I learned how to each barbed wire to ran across the posts held a reason, the vines were trimmed to ensure proper, healthy growing of the grapes. The grape vines had specific direction on height, and trimming of each leaves at certain times of the harvest.

The villa was gorgeous, a fine-looking sanctuary with art covering the top and bottom of every walls. I loved this experience the most because this wine tasting felt like such a royal treat. The oak barrels aligned the walls as each of these wooden barrels filled with wine. The wine would age in each barrel, delivering a sweet, bitter taste depending on the oak finish of the barrel. There were many provocative photos on the walls inside the winery. I didn’t like the naked photos of women covered in wine. The culture is much different in Europe because I think the photos were an example of European eloquence.