What Makes Social Media Strategy So Important

melissa divietri bali

Learn what it takes to have a successful social media strategy — that converts!

– discover how to create SMART Goals for your business & social media presence
– learn what time your audience is online, which social media networks are better for you and how to find hashtags that will convert
– build a social media editorial calendar that is focused on click thru actions
– put your advertising dollars to work by converting followers into paid customers

melissa divietri bali

Here are the slides from the presentation on SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY at Genius Cafe in Sanur, Indonesia – Hope you enjoy!


Smile.. it looks good on you!

When you have a passion that is easy to talk about, others gravitate towards your bubble.. they want to be near you.. because you have a skill that can’t be bought- it must be curated, driven and tested.. over and over. until it is perfect.

my skill? people..
I can teach, train and outperform anyone near me.. because I am a fighter, engineer and a creative.. Three completely different things that coincide perfectly.

Did you know?

There were 300 talks / presentations at Dojo Bali – a coworking space in Canggu, Indonesia.. two of my sessions made the TOP TALKS list.. This was a published overview of the 10 best and most popular talks of the last year:

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Teaching is believing that anyone can learn.. with practice and emphasis – you can adapt any skill (if you try).

Captured in the moment at another presentation

Network Marketing

Going to go back into Network Marketing

Going to go back into Network Marketing Starting tomorrow after my doctor’s appointment Iā€™m going to go back into network marketing. The goal is to have one appointment scheduled each day with somebody of influence if I have two appointments in the day whether thatā€™s online or off-line anymore are you doing hundred percent more […]

Social Media for Business

Social Media for Business

  SĆ© el Mejor en Redes Sociales con Melissa DiVietriĀ #socialmediaconsultantĀ āœ–ļøinsideĀ @cboxcoworkingĀ on Thursday, March 21 – Starting at 7PM –Ā #Medellin, ColombiaĀ #socialmediachatĀ šŸ˜‰āœ–ļøšŸ’» Una sesiĆ³n de una hora donde aprenderĆ”s las mejores estrategias y fundamentos para la optimizaciĆ³n de tus redes sociales y de tu negocio. One hour session discussing how to implement strategies and fundamentals to optimize your […]

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Secret Set – Techno Music – Detroit AFTERHOURS

Featuring DERAOUT (Medellin, Colombia) Round 1 with Morganna from Brazil during “Day of the Dead” shook our response to host another event before end of the year. Here we go, againnn — Detroit. DONT you dare miss this! Join our art & music experiment “Signal Techno” – a concept to opt into an exclusive experience […]

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TedX Detroit

Detroit is the one. It always has been the city ā€“the one thatā€™s always in the news or someone has a preconceived idea of what itā€™s like to be here. My favorite part about telling people where Iā€™m from, is the opportunity to share what makes life so special to live in the 313šŸ‘Š. Detroit […]


Time isnt Real

I recently learned that time is only an illusion… Time moves as fast as you do; your course depends on your high or lows. Which makes sense why I never wore a watch my entire life. The moment I finish one thing, the next thing pops up and so on. Looking at the time would […]





Morganna to arrive in Detroit – Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead – after hours Detroit – Private Party featuring tech house producer Morganna from Brazil, South America & Special Guests About this Event “SIGNAL TECHNO” is an arts and music event production company that specializes in extraordinary experiences using sound, music and artistic creations to make a concept. Our events are held […]

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He Didnt Get A Rose? Bachelorette Here

Im planted in the David Whitney Building; thinking about how my day went out, how things go one way – then turn a corner to go another way. Just my plan, I suppose.. to follow my heart with an open mind and not force things. In this vlog, I’m sharing the ups / downs of […]

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Schedule Consultation

Request a one-on-one consultation with Melissa DiVietri. DiVietri is social media consultant & founder of marketing agency ā€“ DI DESIGNS STUDIO developing strategies & building programs for international brands in niche industries. DetailedĀ Social Media AuditĀ  CreateĀ Social Media Competitive Analysis Develop a comprehensiveĀ Social Media Strategy CreateĀ Social Media ContentĀ & Content Calendar IntegrateĀ Social Media AdvertisingĀ Campaigns Train employees onĀ Social […]

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Wasserman Projects – Recap

Oh my lanta. We had TWO bids people – two bids! Was happy that I was involved; yet alone standing in the center of what I call “ART BASEL DETROIT”   PUT YOUR HANDS UP FOR DETROIT – I LOVE THIS CITY – Gem for you Thank you Tyler for professional pix – coming soon […]

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