VLOG – What happened to me on Sept 18th

melissa divietri

I am successful now because it was hard to grow up with a condition.
Me: Why do people stare at me?

Mom: Because you are beautiful.

Never a dull moment in the life of missydiiiiiii — I am really trying hard to find ways to find money, honey. Thinking about all of the things that I have my hands dipped in… really putting myself out there – like “I gotta find a way to earn $$” Or I am going to have to change things.

No money, Honey. So ya’ll wait – Im launching ecommerce store to make my paintings in prints, uploading my photos of Detroit as poster / prints, sponsors for radio on my music label. I have zero options; no choice. I must earn more passive $$ before Oct 1… or I need to make some changes in my work / life / balance

I can budget for transport . like no uber and just walk.

There’s some transportation programs that I can use; but the bus leaves me – the bus passes me – the bus has a schedule that they need to follow and would rather pass me than pick me up.

My foot is all jacked up – like a small water balloon happening in the area. So next Monday, I am set for a procedure – even on a jacked up foot placement – I still have to go to work and walk around the city. I dont really have a choice for all this. My car lease is up – lol I sent it back; I couldnt afford the city like prices; you know.

I look like a raptor from Jurassic Park in this screenshot – its almost perfect. I appreciate YouTube for that LOL 😆 😝  Like how did they know this is me in true element form.. lolololol

And here is a private link to read some of these screenshots that I’ve captured of these petty ass boy toys.