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This blog stems from this original —>> VLOG – What happened to me on Sept 18th

let me present dipshit #1 – swiped the wrong way on Hinged
























Let me present – candidate #2 – met in person at coffee shop by chance.

PS he never came to the show


























Moving on, to assholes #3 and #4 – just time wasters to see if they will get lay





























dont forget #4














— oh my, how could i forget this one lol we talked 2 years ago on bumble then reconnected on hinged. and he dropped off the deep end like a bullshitter

I wish that I could say the pain ends there LOL but more than half of the time – I just block, delete and forget about them. Dismissing them – which is what I preach to all of ya’ll

I know that Karma is going to catch me for putting this out there, but I almost feel obligated to share the true intentions of how people talk online – in messenger, on dating apps; all of the above. But I am prideful and I only snap the ones that Im like – oh damn LOL it’s like that?