Michigan Winter

Michigan Trees

Michigan Winter Weather Creates Interesting Effect on Scenery

My boyfriend and I went on a tour around Rochester Hills, Michigan to snap photos of the different trees in the suburbs. Snow has been coming down hard the past few days in Michigan. The “warmer” weather made an interesting effect on the trees as the snow began to melt which turned the trees into living icicles.

Michigan Weather

As we drove around Rochester, the sun began to melt everything before our eyes. We had to do a quick tour around the area to snap photos. Frozen Trees!


Frozen Ice On Trees

What a great afternoon to drive around the area & spend time with my better half, Mike.

He’s such a champion for being patient as I stopped at every tree to get out of the car & snap a photo, haha.

During our adventure around the city, we dropped into “Royal Park Hotel” to see a giant Gingerbread house that took 580 hours of Tender Loving Care to create this masterpiece. Check out the photos of this site “Giant Gingerbread House“.. makes you feel like Christmas is in the air.

Michigan Weather

From the top of the mitten to the bottom, the weather is like night & day. SOme areas will get plowed with snow and others will have nothing but sunshine. Unfortunately, a lot of residents did not have power during the Christmas holiday because of the “winter storm – Gemini” – I dont know why the weather people name the winter storms… apparently for this reason, preparing people for no power.

The snow hit hard… but than the next day the sun came out & melted all the trees — creating this beautiful sight.

Hope you enjoyed a bit of Michigan at your home. Enjoy!