Mel – Average Gal with Big Dreams


I like to consider myself a determined, inspirational person.. I organize short & long-term goals to make my life worth doing well. I balance my college studies, full time job and social media business under little to no-pressure. I like to say, ‘there’s nothing you can do about it today that won’t have an effect on tomorrow.’ I’m a carefree person when it comes to working in restraints. My energy is fueled by deadline driven tasks. I strive to work as hard as I can to get where I want to be because I don’t enjoy sitting still. My bucket list doesn’t hold enough room for the amount of expectation I have on myself.

Melissa DiVietri

I’m an avid, abstract artist. I love to paint, weld & create hand-made items. One day, I would love to open art galleries across the world and inspire the creative edge in every person.

I spend a lot of time behind-the-screen pushing my online business to full capacity. As a social media specialist, I find ways to cut my time in half — I create everything, graphic design, video edits, web site blogs & post to my social media sites.

I’m a go-getter.. I reflect positive energy on every person that comes in contact because you never know what a smile can do for someone. Let’s create a business relationship that will be valuable for both sides of our businesses.