The best way to look at every situation is that the glass is half full.

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The best way to look at every situation is that the glass is half full.

When you’re single, it’s not a terrible situation. I tend to find that I have so much more time when I don’t announce my personal relations through the Internet.

All of these social media vultures are waiting to do some significant annoyance that might taint the relationship. I keep my life very private when it comes to my family and the people that I love. I can only do so much and that’s the best that I can offer. 😘💪🏼

I have been contemplating if I want to start dating because I’m in this position of people consistently asking me to go do stuff with them. I am living a cultural experience in South America and that entices people that have never met an American. I’m just not sure I’m ready to actually go back out and be like OK I need to commit my time and energy to one person. Maybe it’s that stubborn Scorpio in me, but I prefer to walk the trails alone so that I can get more done with my time.

I think I could describe my relationships like a revolving door. It doesn’t matter what type of cycle the person is, they continue rotating back in my life in some type of capacity. I’ve been repelling my energy to lack all of that nasty shit up and keep it where it belongs, in the trash 💀 my Michigan accent lol

living in a state of mind where I am the person that’s creating my future, is extremely stressful. Playing a part like I know what I’m doing down here, very risky in my opinion. And lastly, trying to understand if the people that are in your life are there because they love you or they want something from you. That’s the gamble 🎲

let’s see how things roll


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