Final Abstract Art Piece – Process


Abstract Art Final Piece –
18″ x 24″

Meet the artist, Melissa DiVietri — me 😀
Abstract Art

I love my color palette for this piece.. so many variances using only 4 colors.. my palette knife has been the best investment. I take a rag and blend the outside of the canvas to create this ‘washy effect’ When the rag is full of color, I start to drag some of the color from the center to the outside.
Abstract Art

An entire hour can change the whole outlook of the piece:

Abstract Art

I am thinking about what to add to the rest of this piece… there needs to be more clashing of color coming from the outside. I don’t have a focal point. I may add brownish/reddish swirls or light green circles..

Stay Tuned, more pictures on Monday!