Encaustic Art Technique

Encaustic Art

Encaustic art has become my favorite artistic technique that I’ve developed from Kendall College of Art & Design of Ferris State University. I’d like to show you my first examples that specializes in creative wax art or painting.

Wrap duck tape around the MDF board to seal the wax painting
Encaustic Art Wax Painting
The wax painting is created with bee wax and color pigments heated to a liquid form. Pour the liquid on the palette. The liquid form becomes a soft seal and hardens over time.

Encaustic Art Wax Painting

Use clippers to grab the hot liquid to avoid burning fingers.

Encaustic Art Wax Painting

Add additional layers of the wax paint. Use a heat gun to melt the layers together, this creates a unique texture molding the layers.Β 
Encaustic Art Wax Painting

During a moment when the layers are still soft, use different tools to create patterns and fun effects in the wax.

Encaustic Art Wax Painting

Β My firstΒ Encaustic Art piece is finished, what do you think?Encaustic Art